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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz
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In the verse cited above, the determination, intention and the qualities of those calling to the way of Allaah have been mentioned. It means one can excel them in words at least except the Prophets. Then there are those who follow them in knowledge and propagation of message to the people. '0' servants of Allaah ! It is a great blessing, par excellence, that you may be among those followers of the Prophet of Allaah, Muhmmand () and organisers of the message who have been mentioned in the above cited verse.

It is clear from it that none can be better in words because they called people to the way of Allaah, guided them, acted upon the call to which they invited people i.e. invited them to truth and practised it.' refuted the falsehood, kept themselves aloof from it and left it. Above all, they never felt ashamed of what they preached, and declared with pride and pleasure that they are Muslim and Allaah, the Supreme, has done a great honour to them by making them a Muslim. They are not among those who dislike to identify themselves as Muslims or they are inviting people to Islaam in consideration of such a thing. God forbid; there is no power except the power of Allaah. On the contrary with all his firmness of belief in Allaah a Muslim, declares that keeping in view His command, he is inviting the people towards the way of Allaah, with pleasure and pride. While preaching the message he is practising the same, shuns the forbidden acts. He is the first to welcome the call, and keeps himself farthest from those things which are forbidden in Islaam. Simultaneously, he declares to the people that he is among those who call themselves Muslim, feels unbound happiness and pride for inviting the people towards it. Almighty Allaah says:

“Say: In the bounty of Allaah and in His mercy: therein let them rejoice. It is better than they hoard.”

So Sharee’ah has itself allowed to enjoy such happiness. Such pride with which we have been asked to refrain, has been mentioned in the story of Korah:

“Exult not, Lo ! Allaah loveth not the exultant.” (28 : 76)

This is a sort of arrogance and self-conceit which has been forbidden. But to feel happiness and pleasure over the guidance one has received and the expression of being a Muslim has been praised. The above verse makes it quite clear that inviting the people towards Allaah is an excellent act, means to attain nearness to Allaah vital obedience and worship to Allaah. The status and station of the preachers in Islaam is an extremely exalted one. Only the Prophets are superior to them, among whom our Prophet Muhammad (), chief and leader of the Prophets, is the most perfect.

The Qur’aan says:

“This is my way. I call on Allaah upon sure knowledge, I and whosever follows me - Glory be to Allaah - and I am not of the idolators.” (12 :108)

Almighty Allaah has made it clear that the Prophets have called people towards the way of Allaah with great insight, and so do those who follow them. This shows the excellence of inviting people to Allaah and also the virtuous position of the Companions of the Prophet (). In fact true insight is that knowledge and art with which people are called to the way of Allaah and are forbidden from doing evil. It is narrated in an authentic Hadeeth that the Prophet of Allaah () said:

"Whoso guided to the right way, his reward is the same as of a person doing it." (Muslim)

The Prophet of Allaah () further said . "Whoso called people to the guidance (to the way of Allaah), will be rewarded equally to those who are following it. And there will be no decrease in his reward.

And whoever calls the people to sins, his punishment will be same as of those who committed it and there will be no remission.

The following hadeeth is quoted by Muslim. Another hadeeth narrated by Alee () says: "By Allaah to bring one person to the Right Way of Allaah's guidance, is far better than to have red camels. " (Bukhaaree and Muslim)

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