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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz
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Haafith lbn Katheer while commenting upon this verse of the Qur’aan, has stated that there should be a permanent group of persons within the Muslim Community who should assume the burden of this responsibility, propagate and publicise the message of Deen - Islamic way of life rehearse the commandments of Allaah before the people. It is a well known, fact that the Prophet of Allaah () called the people of Makkah to the way of Allaah with all the forces at his command. Similarly his Companions did their best for the propagation of his mission. On migration they strived more and more in the way of Allaah and called people towards it. After the passing away of the Prophet of Allaah () they accelerated their efforts in this mission, according to their knowledge and power. Now when there is scarcity of preachers (the divine message has been comveyed), evil actions are on the increase, ignorance from the way of Allaah is dominant as we find today, then this mission or call to the people becomes absolutely essential for every one of us according to his capactiy. And if someone takes upon himself the responsibility to call a particular locality or population, starts conveying the message of Allaah, then it absolves others of this duty. And it will become sunnah for them, because (a befitting argument has been established) and Allaah's command has been enforced through the agency of another person. As far as other areas of land and people are concerned, it is essential (waajib) upon the Ulamaa and the officials of the state to call people to the way of Allaah according to their capabilities. Thus it will be seen that it is a matter of relative value whether it is obligatory (Fard) or (Waajib) essential. Sometimes the conveyance of message becomes, absolutely essential (Fard 'Ayn) according to the circumstances as regards to persons and nations. Sometimes it is only a Sunnah, because the inhabitants of that place were carrying out their duty and it is enough for them. But as far as the rulers of different Muslim states are concerned and other persons whom Allaah, the Supreme, has endowed with great resources, it becomes all the more necessary for them to invite people to this Message with all their might and resources. They should spread and explain the message in all the living languages of the different peoples of the world, so that this message may be conveyed to all in the languages they speak or understand, may it be Arabic or otherwise. So it can be confidently said that today the message can be propagated easily and widely due to the availability and abundance of media like radio, television and newspapers. Similarly it is necessary for the khateebs (lecturers delivering religious sermons) that they should convey the message through their meetings and addresses. It is incumbent on every scholar to convey the message of Islaam according to his knowledge, capacity and power, and to counteract ,the present destructive athiestic thoughts, negating the existence of God, Prophethood and the Hereafter. It is also essential to cheek all pervading and deluding theories widespread by Christian missionaries. In view of the above, it is the duty of all the authorities who are Muslims to convey the message of Allaah through television and all other possible means of communication including writings, speeches and addresses. They should not show any lethargy in this regard, and neither trust anybody else nor depend upon someone others. The prime need of the hour is to reinforce and strengthen one another through mutual help and cooperation as the enemies of Islaam are trying hard to create atheism and scepticism amongst the people. They are bent upon turning people apostates and renegades from the true way of Allaah. It is obligatory upon those, who believe in Islaam to counteract the deluding movements against Islaam, and put forward before the people the Message of Islaam. This mission should be carried on different levels with all possible resources, it is one of those commandments which Allaah has made (waajib) essential upon all His believing servants.


There are many verses of the Holy Qur’aan and numerous ahadeeth of the Prophet of Allaah, Muhammad () on this subject. Its importance and virtue are evident from the fact that the Messenger of Allaah () himself sent different deputations to call to Islaam and teach its way of life. Almighty Allaah says:

“And who is better in speech than him who calls unto his Lord and does righteuos action and says: I am of those who are Muslims.” (41 : 33)

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