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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz
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This Deen, (Allaah's way of life), also covers politics, and economics. As it is based on worship and jihaad, so the foundation of its economy has also been laid on Sharee’ah. It is balanced, neither more nor less, but it is just balance. It is neither capitalistic, nor based upon cruelty, oppression or egression. It does not believe in an economic system which does not avoid acquisition of forbidden and unlawful things and gathers wealth unscrupulously by hook or by crook. Its economic temperament is neither communistic, nor atheistic that does not respect private wealth, and does not hesitate to commit excesses and atrocities upon people, rather it is a balanced system and following a middle course. The people of the West considered wealth everything and exceeded all limits to acquire the same; they gathered wealth through all means, lawful and unlawful, and rushed towards the things which are forbidden by Allaah. In the East, Soviet Russia and those who follow its system are atheists. They do not respect an individual's private property and seize it from the people forcibly, without any compunction for the excesses committed by them, but on the contrary, enslave other nations, brought ruin upon others, refused to recogonise any religion or the existence of God, and proclaim that there is no God, and that matter is everything. So they took forcibly the wealth of- all persons without any justification. They did not feel any pricking of conscience in ruining people and destroying their wealth, they did not consider worthwhile (the benefits of) the menas of lawful earning that God has sanctioned, and has allowed in the earnings by means of hand, profits, exploitation of natural resources or through the application of reason (or knowledge of technology.) Islaam's economic system is diametrically opposed to the communistic theory, stands for the protection of property, and teaches (us) to earn through lawful means. According to Islaam usury is strictly forbidden; it also prohibits taking of one's assets forcibly. It respects and recognises the sanctity of personal property and also respects inviolability of the collective wealth. Islaam creates a liaison between individual and collective economic relations; and presents a simple, balanced and moderate economic system before those who believe in usurpation and employ excessive methods in taking the wealth of others. Islaam has declared possession of wealth lawful, and has invited to acquire it, but in a judicious way, which may not hamper a person from his obligations to Allaah and His Prophet ().

Almighty Allaah has declared in the Qur’aan:

“And eat not up your property among yourselesin vanity.” (2 : 188)

The Prophet of Allaah () said:

"A Muslim's property, his blood., and his honour is forbidden to another Muslim."

Again the Messenger of Allaah () said:

"Indeed your blood, your wealth and your honour are forbidden to each other, as the importance and the sacredness of this day in this month, and in this city."

And the Messenger of Allaah () further said: "Surely, the person who brings a bundle of wood duly tied down on his back and sells it, and this besmears this hardship on his face, is better than to beg before others, quite possible they may give him or may not.”

The Prophet of Allaah () was asked:

"Which type of earning is the best?" He () replied: "The earning by hand and (one through) fair trade."

The Messenger of Allaah () further said:

"No food is better than the one earned through ones hands, and the Prophet of Allaah Daawood (A.S.) ( the Prophet David) used to earn his living by means of his hand".

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