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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz
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In short, it is incumbent upon every preacher calling people towards Islaam to invite people to enter the fold of Islaam in full submission, without creating any distinction between different people and without showing prejudice against any other school, tribe, Sheikh or Chief, creeds, on the contrary their chief aim should be to prove the truth, to explain it and preach to the people to stick to it, without caring in the least that such and such person holds opposite views and he is working against it. Because when prejudice develops, and it is said that the school of such and such person is better, then it creates dissensions and hatred so much so that a person does not offer prayer under the leadership (Imaamah) of another person who belongs to another school of thought of the same. Shaafi’ee does not offer prayer behind Hanafee or Maalikee’s. Some extremely prejudiced persons have done like this. This is a great calamity and amounts to following the footsteps of the Devil. All the Imaams of different schools of jurisprudence of Islaam, were rightly guided Imaams. Imaams Maalik, Ahmad, Abu Haneefah, Auzaa'ee, Ishaaq bin Raahwayh and the like were all religious leaders inviting the people towards truth; they invited them to the way of Allaah and showed them the way of Allaah. No doubt in some problems there have been differences of opinion due to the implied meanings, but they were all rightly guides Mujtahids (Interpreters) of Islaam. A person who interprets correctly, earns two rewards while, the other, who commits an error in its interpretation, has been awarded with a single reward. Your duty is to know and realize their status and importance, and ask for blessings from Allaah for them, and at the same time recognise them to be the preacher of Islaam and Imaam (Leader) of the faith Islaam. This should not be done with blind following and extreme fanaticism. Do not say that such and such school of thought is better in all respect, and do not say that the religion of such and such is of such a kind that there is no possiblity of any mistake. This is a presumption. Your duty is to adopt the true faith and follow it, when you are convinced of its truth and authenticity, irrespective of the fact that some one is against it. Neither you should be prejudiced nor a blind follower, but on the contrary should acknowledge the excellence of the Imaams (religious jurists ) taking of course due precaution about yourself and your religion. True religion, should only be accepted, take inspiration and guidance from truth. Fear Allaah, and realize that you are always being watched by Allaah ,the Exalted. Do justice to your self and your faith, as, (the true religion).The truth is only one. If the Mujtahideen (distinguished jurists of Islamic Law) have interpreted correctly, they are entitled to two rewards otherwise only one. This I am telling about those Mujtahids who belong to the Sunni School of thought who are learned, faithful and the guided ones as reported in the true hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad ().

The aims and objects of the Da’wah (the Message for the People from Allaah) is to take out the people from darkness towards enlightenment, and to guide them in such a way that they may adopt the true religion and be saved from the fire of Hell and the wrath of Allaah. It is to enable the Kaafir (non-believer) to come out of the darkness of Kufr (Non-belief) to the light of guidance; to bring the ignorant out from dakness of ignorance to the light of knowledge; and the disobedient (renegade) to be brought from the darkness of sins to the light of obedience. The rightly guided preachers do practice on these lines, and start movements to bring people from the darkness towards the light and save them from the fire of Hell, and the servility of the devil, and thus to free the people from the slavery of their own selfish desires, and to place them under obedience of Almighty Allaah and the Prophet and the Messenger of Allaah ().


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