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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz
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Thereafter, the trust was carried through his () Companions, who followed the path of their beloved master (), calling people towards Allaah. They spread all over world as preachers of Islaam, inviting the people to Almighty Allaah; they became immune to the rebukes of the worldly people and scattered throughout the world as "mujaahideen." i.e. those who strive and fight in the way of Allaah and for the sake of Allaah. They were not afraid of anyone except Allaah, the supreme ,and propagated the divine commandments- feared only Allaah and none else, the result was that they became triumphant in war, mujaahids -- striving in the cause of Allaah propagating Islaam, guided persons and reformers throughout the world. The Deen of Allaah (Islamic System of Life) spread through them-, they taught the people Sharee’ah or Islamic Law and explained the principles of faith - the belief for which the Prophets (A.S.) were sent: down from time to time i.e. the unadultrated worship of Allaah" and to shun the worship of gods (other than Allaah), stones and trees etc. They told the people that only Allaah should be invoked, and supplicated in time of need, matters can be adjudicated in accordance with the Divine Law (Sharee’ah). Salaah - the prescribed form of worship and adoration of Allaah, can be offered to Him only and none else, and only He is to be feared. They told the people in very clear terms that worship is the right that belongs to Allaah alone, and recited those verses of the Qur’aan which are relevant in this connection. Such as:

“ Your Lord has decreed that you worship none save Him.” (17 : 23)

“ You (alone) we worship and from you (alone) we ask for help.” (1 : 4)

“So pray not unto anyone along with Allaah.” (72 : 18)

“Say: Lo ! my worship and my sacrifice and my living and my dying are for Allaah, Lord of the Worlds. He has no partner. This am I commanded, and I am first of those who surrender (into Him).” (6 : 163-164)

Thus they showed complete steadfastness and strove hard in the way of Allaah, Who became pleased with them, and they also contented in His good pleasure. Later on, they were followed by their distinguished companions (Tabi’een) who were Imaams (Leaders) in guidance. They were succeeded by their successors known as Taba Tabi’een drawn from Arab and non Arab nations who performed their duty in conveying the Message of Allaah, under-went hardships on this account, and discharged the obligations of the trust reposed in them with truth, sincerity and patience. They struggled in the cause of Allaah, and fought with the renegades in Islaam, or who stood in their way or did not pay jiziya as enjoined by Allaah. So, such persons who invited people towards Allaah were the pioneers in guidance after the Messenger of Allaah (). Thus they used to follow the Companions of the Prophet of Allaah, (), and later on they were followed by the new generation (Tab'a Tabi’een), thus they also led the people, followed the footprints of the Companions, remained firm in calling people towards Allaah's Deen, the message sent by Allaah spread and became dominant through the efforts of Companionsof the Messenger of Allaah (). This system of life was accepted throughout by those fortunate people who were blessed by Allaah in the south and north of Arabia and in the four corners of the world. They entered into the fold of Islaam, participated in inviting the people to this mission and took part in Jihaad. Due to their firmness and sacrifices, they became imams (Leaders) in Islaam. This could happen only on account of their firm belief, patience and constant striving in the way of Allaah, the Great, Who testifies their endeavours in the following verse of the Qur’aan:

“And when they became steadfast and believed firmly in our revelations, We appointed from among them leaders who were guided by our Command.” (32 : 24)

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