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The Manners and Etiquette of Da`wah
  Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Baz
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"O" Allaah ! Whoso is appointed as walee (governor) over the affairs of my Ummah and showed leniency to them, You may be lenient to him and whoso dealt with undue harshness, he may be put to diversity and be entangled in difficulty." So '0' Servant of Allaah ! be lenient while calling to the people, do not show harshness lest they may dislike the religion. You should never be among those who harm others commit excesses, and you should not give offence to others either by your fierce attitude, ignorance, way of talking or by some other way relating to your conduct or behaviour. On the contrary, you should be humble, patient, soft ill speech, good in conversation so that the person to whom you are addressing may be impressed, and be able to appreciate your point of view, and ultimately may become familiar with your mission, and start feeling obliged to you. Remember undue strictness creates estrangement, and does not bring the people close, it separates them, and does not bring them together. And lastly a preacher must possess excellent moral character and conduct for carrying out his mission. He should act upon what he preaches, and becomes the best example of what he teaches to the people, he should not be contrary to what he preaches or what he is forbidding others to do. Allah save us: Such are those persons who are unsuccessful; but those muslims will be rewarded who call the people to the truth and themselves act upto it. They are engrossed and devoted in their mission with perseverance, showing those things which are forbidden. Allaah, the Almighty, says:

“0, you who believe ! Why do you say that which you do not do? It is most hateful in the sight of Allaah that you say that which you do not.” (61 : 2,3)

And Allaah, the Most Exalted, condemning the Jews, (for their failure to act as what they preached to others) says:

“Enjoin you righteousness upon mankind while you yourselves forget (to practise it)? And you are readers of the scripture! Have you then no sense?” (2 : 44)

An authentic hadeeth of the Prophet (S.A.W.) says:"On the Day of Judgment a person wil be brought forth and put into the fire of Hell. His intestines will come out, and he will start moving in a circle like a donkey moving round a stone mill, Then other inmates of the Hell will gather round him, and will say: Oh such and such person ! How is it that you are in such a condition? Did you not enjoin righteous actions and prevent people from doing the forbidden things? He will say; Yes, I used to enjoin good actions but did not act upto them myself, and forbade people from the forbidden acts but myself used to do." (Muslim)

Similar is the case of the person who although calls the people towards Allaah, asks them to do right and forbids them to do the forbidden things, yet he himself acts contrary to his preachings. Alllaah save us. Therefore the most important aspect of the conduct of a preacher is that he should be an embodiment of the principles he preaches, (that he should himself do what he preaches to others and shun those actions which he is asking others not to do). Apart from good morals, excellent pattern of conduct, given to patience, advocating practice of patience to others he should be sincere in his mission, He should be full of sincerity in his efforts so that the virtues of goodness and bliss may reach the people. Efforts should be made to keep the people away from vice; at the same time they should be invited towards virtue. The merit of good morals is to invoke Allaah's help to show them the right path, and He may be implored to enable them accept the truth; Allaah may help them to tread on the right path. Show them the way to Truth, bear hardships with patience, and at the same time pray for them to receive guidance. When such a situation arose and the Prophet of Allaah () was told about the tribe of Daws that it has turned defiant, the Prophet () prayed:

"O" Allaah! Bestow guidance upon the tribesmen of Daws".

Your mission wants you to pray to Almighty Allaah for blessing your audience to get the truth and to help them to act according to the Divine command. Adopt patience individually and exhort companions to be patient never express despair or hoplessness; never say to them anything except the good word; never commit any excess on them, nor say a bad word to them, which may create hatred against religion in their hearts. But if anybody committed acts of aggression and created different situation, then he will be dealt with differently according to the commandment of Allaah.

“And argue not with the people of the scripture unless it be (in a way) that is better, save with such of them as do wrong.” (29 : 46)

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