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Welcome! On this website, you will be able to keep up to date on whatever is available of the Shaykh's materials in English on the well known Salafee web sites. This website physically retrieves and displays updates from each of the abovementioned sites in real time, as you click on the relevant page. To view translated articles contributed by each of these sites click on the buttons above.

  Faith and Creed

The Categories of Al-Iradah (intent)


The Wisdom Behind Creating Recording Angels.

The Prophets and Messengers

Are the Prophets also Messengers?

The Difference between a Messenger (Rasul) and a Prophet (Nabiyy)

The Last Day

When will the Dajjaal appear?

What will the Dajjaal call to?

Is Dajjal from the children of Adam?

The punishment of the grave is for both the disbeliever and the sinful believer

Is the Dajaal a Human Being?

The Punishment of the Grave

The Divine Decree

Supplication and Divine Decree

Does Supplication Change That Which is Written?

Jinn And Devils

The Effects of Jinn on Humans, and Seeking Protection From Them

Proof of The Jinn Entering a Person's Body

Ignore Shaytan's Whispers


The Conditions Required for Making Takfeer (expelling a Muslim from Islaam)

Ruling regarding the one who becomes angry when an affliction befalls him

Wearing Amulets is Forbidden even if They are from the Qur’aan

“Allaahu Akbar”: Does it Replace “Bismillah”?

Doing Good Deeds- Purity and Ostentation.

The Ruling Concerning Celebrating Mother’s Day.

The Ruling on Building over Graves

The Destination of Ahlul-Fitrah

  Worship and Jurisprudence

How should the Sick person Purify Himself?

Kissing does not invalidate Wudhu

The ruling on drying the Limbs after Wudhu'

The ruling on washing the Face and Hands with Soap during Wudhu'

Does kissing break ones ablution (wudhu)?

This Contains Resemblance of the Rawaafidah (Shee’ah)

How should the Sick person Purify Himself

Camel Meat Invalidates Wudhu

Tayammum is Invalid when Water is Present


Prayer in a Night Thobe

Wearing a head covering during the Prayer

Listening to Songs after the Prayer

Prayer with Urinary Incontinence

Praying with a toilet in front of the Musalaa

Eating dates for Eid Prayer when it is perfromed in the Musallaa of Fajr

Firing an Employee Who Doesn't Pray

A People Will Enter Paradise Without Making A Single Sajdah To Allaah?!

The distance by which a traveller may shorten his prayers

What is permissible during travels?

The Mark of Prostration (On the Forehead)

Prayer in Transparent Clothes

Waiting for the Prayer

Prayer at Home and Prayer in a Masjid in Makkah

What Is As-Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer)?

Praying behind one that is not proficient in reciting the qur'aan

In Which Language is the Khutbah to be Delivered?

Using Shoes as a Sutrah

Praying Behind the one who Smokes or Shaves his Beard

Praying the Witr Prayer in Congregation

Supererogatory Prayer Once the Iqaamah for the Prayer is Called

The Ruling on saying Aameen When the Imam supplicates on Friday

Recite Aloud or Quietly?

Walking To The ‘Eid Prayer

Prayer in the Masjids of Makkah is not like Prayer in the Sacred Masjid (Al-Masjid Al-Haram)

The Ruling on the Iqamah for Women

Delaying the Isha Prayer

What is the ruling on lowering the hands in prayer?

The Ruling on Changing the Place of Prayer for the Sunnah

If the Athan for Fajr is called during Witr

Being Overcome by Tiredness at Fajr Time

The Ruling on praying more than One Obligatory Prayer with a Single Ablution

The Ruling on One Who goes out to pray and leaves His Sons in the house

The Ruling on Prayer behind an Imam Who performs Sleight of Hand Tricks

If a Sick Person misses a Number of Obligatory Prayers, how may He Make them Up?

Wearing Forbidden Clothing Could Invalidate One's Prayer

Whoever caught the Final Tashahhud with the Imam

Moving the Finger in Tashahhud

Whatever the Latecomer caught of the Prayer with the Imam is the Beginning of his Prayer

Is it Permissible for a Traveller to combine his Prayers when He reaches Al-Madinah?

Praying in the Mosque in Ones own Area is Better

She cannot stand, so may She sit?

The Ruling on a Woman uncovering her Hands and Feet in Prayer

The Ruling on delaying the Prayer due to Sleep

The Locations during Prayer where the Hands should be raised

He performs the Obligatory Prayers in His House due to Shyness


How does the Person who lives outside of his country pay Az-Zakah

Ruling on Zakah of a Debt


The ruling on using perfume during the days of Ramadhan

Fast what is upon you from missed fasts first

Breaking his Fast due to Strenuous Work

She Fasted During Her Days of Menstration

Permissible Excuses for Breaking the Fast

Slept on the First Night of Ramadan Before Ramadan was Confirmed

One Intention for the Whole Month?

Breast-Feeding & Breaking the Fast

Intention to Break the Fast, Nullify the Fast?

The Fasting of the Traveller

The Use of Siwak & Perfume Whilst Fasting

Bleeding from the Mouth/Nose Whilst Fasting

Using an Inhaler During for the Fasting Person

Does Removing a Molar Tooth Break the Fast

Blood Test for the Fasting Person

If a Fasting Person Masturbates, Does This Break His Fast?

Ruling on a Fasting Person Smelling Perfume?

Difference Between Smelling Incense and Drops

Nasal Drops, Eye Drops and Ear Drops for the Fasting Person

Nocturnal Emission While he was Fasting

Ruling on a Fasting Person Cooling Himself Down

A Fasting Person Using Perfumes

Rinsing the Mouth and Sniffing Water

Nosebleeds Whilst Fasting

Swallowing Sputum or Phlegm by a Fasting Person

Tasting Food Whilst Fasting

‘Untruthful Testimony’ Whilst Fasting

Supplications Upon Breaking the Fast & Responding to the Mu'aththin

He Fasted Some Days of Ramadan and then Died

Did Not Make up Missed Fasts Before Ramadan Arrived

Regarding the Fasting of Six Days From the Month of Shawwal

He had Sexual Relations With his Wife During the Day in Ramadan

He Slept on the Job in Ramadhaan

If the fasting Person has sex with his Wife and he forces her to do so against her will

The ruling on Kissing for the fasting Person

The ruling on using Perfume during the Daytime in Ramadhan

What should the fasting person do and what is obligatory upon him

A Land where the Sunset is delayed

If the fasting Person rinses out his Mouth and some Water enters his Throat

The Fasting of the One who has abandoned the Prayer

Does Fasting have a Collective Benefit?

What is the ruling on fasting the Day of 'Ashura'?


The Need of the Job makes it Permissible to Delay the Hajj

Perform Hajj for your Parents and you will be rewarded

The ruling concerning whoever slaughtered his sacrificial Animal and then left it

The need of the Job makes it permissible to delay the Hajj

The ruling on the women travelling alone for Hajj without Mahram

Who ever performs Umrah before the Months of Hajj is not a Mutamatti

If the Mutamattiý returns to his land, is his Tamattu' broken?

The ruling of the menstruating Woman sitting at the place of Sa'y

The ruling on the Woman in menses travelling to her family before the Tawaf-Ifadhah. And is her husband allowed to have sexual relations with her?

He could not find a Place in Muzdalifah

He stayed at Namirah thinking that it was Muzdalifah


Reading Surah Yaaseen At The Graveyard

Rulings pertaining to washing the Deceased

Sacrifice and Slaughtering

The Rulings of The Sacrifice To Be Done On The Day of 'Eid Al-Adhaa

Food and Drink

The ruling of putting henna, milk, onion and other edible things in ones hair


Nervous Disorders

Shaytaan's Whispering Means Nothing

The Ruling on using Perfumes which contain a certain amount of Alcohol in order to clean Wounds

Oaths and Vows

Swearing Not to do Something But Fearing that One Might Fall into it.

Making the Oath Subject to Allaah's Will


Does the Marriage of the Adulterer to the Adulteress Excuse Them From the Punishment?


Hair Transplants

Shorts That Do Not Cover Ones Knees

The Length of the Islamic Beard


Is the Trip from Riyadh to Al-Kharj classified as Travel?


The ruling on the ‘Aqeeqah of the Newborn Child

Children Who Do Not Pray

Masjid Rulings

The ruling on bringing Children to the Masjid

Being buried in a masjid

Conditions for the Acceptance of Actions

Three Matters That Make Ghusl Waajib

  Social Dealings
Marriage and Engagement

The Husband is Required to Provide

The Ruling in Divulging Marital Secrets

A Father Forcing His Daughter to marry is Forbidden

The Condition of the Dowry has the most right to be Fulfilled

Advice for the first wife

Marrying More than One is Desirable

Marriage with the intention to divorcing after a Time Period.

Is Marriage to Relatives or Non-Relatives Preferred?

The Marriage with the Greatest Blessing is that with Lesser Financial Burden.

Relations Before Marriage.

The Son is for the Second Husband and the Missing Husband has the Right of Option.

Praying Two Rak'ahs Before Intercourse With One's Wife

Infertility is of Two Types

The Husband is Required to Provide

Blood May Not Be Compared With Milk Regarding the Spreading of Prohibition

The reason for the prohibition of shaking hands with unrelated women

The ruling on relations before marriage

He made a contract With His Wife using Borrowed Name

The Ruling on a Woman Sleeping Alone, Apart From Her Husband, in a Separate Room

The Ruling on Marriage by Correspondence or via the Telephone

A Condition in Marriage

Family and Society

Taking a Bonus For Doing A Good Job

The Ruling on Living with a Family when they do not Pray

Breast Feeding after Menopause is Treated the Same as Breast Feeding in the Earlier Years.

The Ruling Concerning a Women Looking at Men on Television and on the Streets.

Buying and Selling

The ruling on mixing some gold with other gold in the factory when melting it

Is it mandatory to pay a fee for manufacturing when receiving gold

If the Salesman places a Condition on the Buyer that he must buy new Gold from him if the Buyer sells him old Gold

The ruling on Whoever sold used gold and did not receive the price, and then he purchased new Gold while just paying the Difference

The ruling on selling Gold before receiving its price

the ruling on whoever took some Gold to consult over it and he gave some other Gold as collateral until he retured

He bought some Gold and paid some of the price and went to bring the rest from the bank

Delayed Payment in selling Gold

The ruling on selling Gold that contains Drawing and Pictures

There is no problem with this Action

Loans and Mortgages

The difference between cooperative insurance and commercial insurance


The Ruling Concerning Celebrating Specific Occasions, such as the Two Eids, The Night of Isra and the Middle of the Month of Shaban.

Celebrating Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries.

Valentine’s Day


The Ruling on Charity for Non-Muslims?


There is no Bequest for an Heir

Congratulations with the statement Mabruk

Tournaments and Prizes

Firing an Employee Who Doesn't pray

Using Goverment-Owned Materials For one's Own Benefit

This Gift is Permissible

The Expenses of Your Brother are taken from His Share of the Estate

Clapping One's Hands and Whistling

Flying in dreams

When a Woman has a Miscarriage in the Third Month

Payment of Debts before the Inheritance is Distributed

Good Evening Does Not Replace As-Salaamu Alaykum

Not To Stand is Better

Try to Clear up the Matter

Dont Accept the Extra Money

Referring to a Person as being Haram

Saying About Someone that He is Confident

The Ruling on Studying in Mixed Universities in Order to Call to Allaah

Names and Nicknames

Schools of Thought and Blind Following

On a student of knowledge sticking to a school of thought

Calling to Allaah

Upon whom is dawah (calling to Allaah) obligatory?

The Difference Between a Scholar and a Da'ee (caller)

Da'wah with Audio Cassettes is Resorted to Only When Necessary

The mediums For Da'wah

Part of Inviting to Allaah is the Distribution of Beneficial Islamic Cassettes

The Different Methods Used in Da'wah is A Blessing

Dissociation or Da'wah?

Da' wah with Audio cassettes is Resorted to only When Necessary

Way of the Pious Predecessors

Who Are The Salaf?

Partisanship and Splitting

Do the Book and the Sunnah allow multiple groups and parties?

The Innovation of the Multiplicity of Jama’aat (Groups)

Is the D'awah strengthened under a hizb (party spirited group)?


Regarding innovations in the religion

"Salaatul-Hajah" and "Salat Hifzul-Qur’an" are not lawful

Rectification of the Ummah

Are demonstrations a legitimate means of da'wah?

  Manners and Etiquette
Islamic Greetings

If I enter a Religious Gathering, should I give Salutations?

Shaking Hands When Entering Upon Those Who Are Sitting

Interaction With Muslims

Inviting Others to Something that You are not Able to Practice Yourself

Backbiting Other Teachers and Students

Prohibition of Shaking hands with Non-Related Women

Eating And Drinking

'Bismillaah' or 'Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem'?


'I am Flying'

Seeing the Dead

Dreaming of White Rice

Parents And Children

Children who Curse the Religion

Husband And Wife

Praying Two Rak'ahs Before Intercourse With One's Wife

Do Not Stay Away From Your Wife For More Than Six Months Without Her Permission

Sperm is Pure

Adornments And Attire

The Ruling on a Man Wearing a Necklace

The Ruling on Wearing a Gold-Plated Watch

The Ruling Concerning Al-Isbal in Clothing

The Ruling on Dragging the Garments without Conceit

Wearing the 'Iqal

The Wedding Dublah

The Wisdom Behind Prohibiting Men from Wearing Gold

The Awrah of the Women When it Comes to her Mahrams

Clapping One’s Hands and Whistling

Throwing Away Paper that has Allaah’s Name Written on it

The Ruling Concerning Wishing for Death due to Harm that Has Come.

  Qur'aan And Commentary

They are Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, so They Return Not

The Fear of Allaah

His Faith in Allaah Almighty Prevented Yusuf From Evil

Concerning the Saying of Allaah ''And buy not with my verses a small price''

Which is Better?

Translation of the Qur’aan

A Person In A Minor State Of Impurity May Not Touch The Qur’aan

Audio Cassettes Are Not Like Paper

Reading the Qur'aan While Lying on a Bed

Reading the Qur'an While Lying on a Bed

The Ruling on reciting Surah Al-Kahf on Friday

Allaah Relates In the Quran What People From the Past Said, He Relates the Meaning, Not The Exact Words

And the heaven shall be opened, and it will become as gates.

How To Recite The Quran

  Current Affairs

Suicide in Islaam

The Ruling on Attacking the enemy by blowing oneself up in a car

  Prophetic Traditions
Science Of Hadeeth

The Sahih and the Hasan Hadeeth

Although the Hadeeth of the Fly is Authentic, You Do Not Have to Drink that Which Disgusts You

If The Meal Is Ready, Eat And Then Pray

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Whoever Turns Away From My Sunnah''

The Weak Hadith

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Being Arrogant to those Who are Arrogant''

Concerning the Hadeeth ''You And Your Wealth Are Your Father's''

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Allaah Curses the Person Who Drinks Before Someone Else Who Needs that Drink''

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Al-Wasiyah''

Did The Prophet (sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam) Supplicate Against the Crow?

Seeking Knowledge

Busying oneself with other matters and not seeking Islamic Knowledge.

What reason is there for a scholar to hesitate to give a legal ruling?

Seek Knowledge or Give Da'wah?

Concerning Oneself With the Books of the Salaf

How To Deal With The Differing Of Scholars

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