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Welcome! On this website, you will be able to keep up to date on whatever is available of the Shaykh's materials in English on the well known Salafee web sites. This website physically retrieves and displays updates from each of the abovementioned sites in real time, as you click on the relevant page. To view translated articles contributed by each of these sites click on the buttons above.


Understanding Islaam
The Shaikh gives a brief summary of the main characteristics of the religion of Islaam.


Preserving the Usool
A brief look at the importance of aqidah in light of the historical development of the groups innovation.


Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen's Tazkiyah For Shaykh Rabee' and Explanation of the Reason Why the Hizbiyyoon Attack Him
The Shaykh explaining that Shaykh Rabee' is upon the Salafi aqidah and manhaj, is very strong upon it and in refuting what opposes it, and also the reasons why some have begun to attack him.

On Ijtihad and Taqlid
A nice primer on the meanings of Ijtihad and Taqlid, the types and places of taqlid and the ruling of a muqallid's fatwa.

Guidelines for Following Madhhabs
The Shaiks give brief and general guidelines to students of knowledge about following madhhabs (schools of thought) in issues of fiqh.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Takfir of an Individual
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen expounds upon the principle stated by Shaikh ul-Islam that takfir of an individual requires specific evidence.

Imaam Ibn Uthaymeen on the Conditions For Takfir
More from Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen on the conditions required to make takfir of a specific individual after he has fallen into a form of kufr.

Imaam Ibn Uthaimeen on the Bid'ah of al-Muwaazanah
The Shaikh clarifies the newly invented technique employed by the partisans to belittle the affair of Innovation and its people and to justify propounding adulterated methodologies in the name of taking the good from the bad.

Shaikh Ibn `Uthaymeen on al-Hukmu Bi-Ghayri Maa Anzallallaah
Shaikh Ibn `Uthaymeen expounds his viewpoint which is the same as that of the remainder of the Salaf, past and present.

Imaam Ibn Uthaymeen on the Manhaj of Correcting Rulers
The Noble Shaykh gives an excellent answer and guidelines concerning the way to show rejection against the evils that arise from the Rulers, and reconciling the evidences from the Sunnah and repelling the ways of those who cause mischief.


Innovation in Light of the Perfection of the Shari'ah
An excellent introductory booklet on innovation. Contains some answers to common misconceptions that people have regarding 'good' innovations and related matters.


Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Zakat ul-Fitr
Fataawaa on the time and manner in which Zakat ul-Fitr ought to be given. Also deals with giving money as Zakat ul-Fitr

The Wisdom Behind Fasting
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen summarise some of the wisdoms behind fasting and some of the ways one can use fasting to improve his soul and his Imaan.

Questions and Answers on the Sutrah
A series of fataawaa regarding the Sutrah which were delivered in the town of Makkah al-Mukarramah.


Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen's Advice Concerning the Algerian Crisis And Additional Notes on Revolution and Terrorism
A compilation of numerous statements and discussions of the Shaikh concerning the factions in Algeria - all of which are in stark contrast to what the revolutionary takfiris opined and forged about him.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Interacting With Non-Muslims in Western Countries
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen enjoins justice and good behaviour towards non-Muslims within non-Muslim countries and to be fair and just in ones dealings and transactions with them.


Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen: The Suicide Bomber is Not A Martyr And Is In Hellfire
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on the ruling on the one who resorts to suicide bombings and terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Committing Suicide Attacking The Enemy by Blowing Oneself Up In a Car
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen confirming the judgement that suicide bombers have the same ruling as committing suicide


Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Sayyid Qutb
The Shaikh advises that the works of Shaikh Abdullaah ad-Duwaish and Shaikh Rabee Bin Hadee be referred to concerning the errors of Sayyid Qutb

The Speech of the Scholars Upon Safar and Salmaan: Part 1 - Shaykhs Ibn Baaz, al-Albaani and Ibn Uthaymeen
A compilation of the sayings of the Scholars of the Salafee Manhaj upon the Khawaarij of the Era. Containing the statements of Shaykh Ibn Baz, Shaykh al-Albaanee and Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Tawhid ul-Hakimiyyah
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen explains the ignorance and innovatory nature of today's political activists

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on the Accusation of Irjaa' Against Imaam al-Albani
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen responds to questions related to Imaan, abandoning prayer and the accusation of Irjaa against Imaam al-Albani.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen Affirms His Defence of Al-Albaani
Verification of some of the statements made by Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen in defence of Imaam al-Albaani

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen Clears Imaam al-Abaanee of Irjaa Once Again
Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen explains that those who desire to perform takfeer of the Muslims and those filled with envy are the ones who accuse al-Albaanee of Irjaa'

Imaam Ibn Uthaimeen on The Khawaarij of the Era, The Kharijite Ideologists, the Preachers of Revolution and Destruction
Imaam Ibn Uthaimeen makes reference to the Modern Heirs of the Khawaarij, the Revolutionary Ideologists and advises against their tapes, and says the difference between them is one that is related to fundamental matters of aqeedah!

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen on Calling Those Who Do Not Make Takfir Of the Rulers or Revile Them Publicly as Murji'ah
The Noble Shaykh addressing what is found with many of the Hizbiyyoon, Takfiriyyoon and Qutubiyyoon of calling Ahl us-Sunnah as Murji'ah merely because they do not adopt the false methodologies of the Innovators in rectification.

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