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Warning Against the Innovators
  The Methodology of Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah in Warning Against Innovators and Their Books
Author: Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee
Source: book Manhaj Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah Fee Naqd-ir-Rijaal wal-Kutub wat-Tawaa'if
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Shaikh-ul-Islaam Ibn Taimiyyah (ra) said, directing his speech to those people that believe that Allaah and His creation are one reality of existence (wahdat-ul-wujood) and their leaders (from the Sufis), such as Ibn Sab’een, Ibn Al-Faarid and Ibn Jamweeh:

"As for those who don't agree with them (i.e. the Sufis), a majority of them find no objection to their (Sufi) statements. Or they say: 'We do not understand this.' Or they say: 'On the outward this is disbelief, however it has some hidden and mystical meaning, which only those who utter it, possess knowledge of.’

From these types of people are those who work with and support them (Sufis) against the believers that fight against the beliefs that Allaah is incarnate within His creation (hulool) and that Creator and creation are both mixed into one single existence (Ittihaad). These types of individuals are worse than those who assist the Christians against the Muslims, for indeed, the views of these innovators are worse than those of the Christians. Rather, they are even worse than those who aid the polytheists against the Muslims, for indeed what the polytheists said: ‘We do not worship them (idols) except so that they may draw us closer to Allaah’ [38] is better than what they say. Indeed, these polytheists asserted a Creator and a creation apart from Him, by which they sought to draw closer to Him (through it), whereas these innovators (Sufis) have replaced the existence of Allaah with the existence of the creation!

So when the affliction of these well-known heretics [39] occurred, there came to pass what came to pass from the state of affairs. And Allaah aided Islaam against them. We searched for their shaikhs so that we may renounce them. So once there came one who was from among their shaikhs and he was very willing to display to us all that he had the ability to say to us, so that he can be saved from receiving any punishment. So we said to him: 'Is Allaah the most knowledgeable or someone else?' He responded: 'It is neither Allaah nor anyone other than Him.' According to him, this was the type of statement that could not be challenged by anyone. Had he known that we would forsake him (because of it), he would not have said that to us. And he was from among the leading figures of their shaikhs and scholars, and he had many followers and mureeds. He and his companions possessed authority, land, reputation, good use of the language and eloquent forms of speech. This was such that those who held positions of authority and judging, the shaikhs and the common people entered with them in the acceptance of their beliefs. And their acceptance was a cause for the degradation of Islaam and its path to go on to become worse than the religion of the Christians and the polytheists. And if it were not for Allaah’s bestowal of His mercy by aiding Islaam, clarifying the evil of their views, establishing the proof against them and uncovering the realities of their ideologies from the veil which contained disbelief and denial within it, no one would have understood it, except for few exclusive members from Allaah's servants." [40]

So take heed, O you true follower of the Salaf! And be careful of falling into the evil of supporting the people of innovations, misguidance and denial – those who gathered and unified under the banner of partisan and political reformation groups. For indeed many of those who claim to follow the Salaf are not part of them, this day, except to support the people of diverse innovations from the ranks of the Raafidah, the Khawaarij and the Sufis – those who worship graves and believe in Allaah's incarnation (hulool) and the unity of creation and Creator (Ittihaad)! They (those who claim to follow the Salaf) are the ones whom Shaikh-ul-Islaam Ibn Taimiyyah (ra) said of them: "Indeed those who support them are worse than those who support the Christians and the polytheists." And do not forget how those who claim to adhere to the way of the Salaf supported the innovators, during the gulf crisis, against the people of Tawheed in the Arab peninsula. And if you have been deceived by them many times over, then now is to the time to awaken. "And the believer does not get stung from the same hole twice."


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