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Jihad in the Quran and Sunnah
  Debate with a Jihadi
Author: Shaikh al-Albaanee
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Al-Albani : the time for discussion is over. I will take the advice of the brother. My advice to the students of knowledge is not proceed to preach to the people something that may lead them to great misguidence (Dalal). He should check with the people of knowledge before he jumps to conclusion. It is one of the disasters of the muslim youth today to quickly adopt opinions without looking into the opinions of the Salaf and khalaf regards these issues. I advise Muslims to research this especially in the issues that concern the group such as jihad. Jihaad is, without doubt the the pride of Islam and of the basis of Islam (arkan) and the verses and hadiths regards this are known to everybody insha' Allah. But this jihad has its conditions and introductions. From its basic conditions that the group that does it must be in agreement to return to Quran and Sunnah in their rulings (a7kam). This in fact needs a great time of education, purification and of scholars and preachers, like the prophet educated his companions. We notice that Mujahids call for whatever of the Muslims to join in the fight, and when they go to fight they find disagreement among themselves in matters of their faith and the basics of Islam. How do these people get ready to go for Jihad when they are yet to understand what is obligatory on them of Aqeedah ??!! This my brother, leads us to understand that Jihaad is not to be discussed, but we must discuss its introductions. The first introduction is, as we attest before Allah, the khalifa. Because if the amirs exist today and the bond I talked about (common understanding of Islam) does not exist among them then they will turn against one another and fight each other. They must be all for one methodology and one understanding. I therefore advise every muslim to work by the hadeeth of Ibn al-yaman, leave all the groups and stay by yourself. And this is not to mean to live in isolation, no it means not to join one or another group. You can do yourself and all the Muslims good with your knowledge. This is a reminder and the reminder benefits the believers.

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