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Jihad in the Quran and Sunnah
  Debate with a Jihadi
Author: Shaikh al-Albaanee
Article ID : IBD170004  [56618]  
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Al-Albani : la hawla wa la quwaata illa billah. We just agreed that we need an Amir for Jihad al-3ayn before we start the jihad. The next question is do we call for an Amir First or do we call for the jihad first? This group, all kinds of groups need an Amir. To call for this kind of jihad we do need an Amir first, the Amir will call for the mujahideen and send those here and those there.

Al-jihad supporter : okay what if a group of Muslims read in the Quran about jihad and want to do jihad, so they gather for jihad and then appoint an Amir on them.

Al-Albani : Ya akhi what you are describing is a case of jihad Fard al-Kifayah. For Fard Al-Kifayah it is okay for a small group to gather and go do jihad. For Fard al-3ayn we need the whole group of Muslims. How can we have to the whole group of Muslims if we don't have a unified leadership for this kind for jihad? This kind of Amir, I do not see any of the Mujahideen calling for it. Why do you not call for that Amir?

Al-jihad supporter : Okay then let us call for this Amir.

Al-Albani : OK, then what are the characters for this Amir, in your opinion?

Al-jihad supporter : [some characters ]

Al-Albani : and do you see an Amir with these qualities ?

Al-jihad supporter : yes, many.

Al-Albani : where ?

Al-jihad supporter : everywhere.

Al-Albani : We said that we need an Amir for the whole group, ie for all the Muslims. How can we have more than one Amir for all the Muslims ?

Al-jihad supporter : ... [arguing around]

Al-Albani : do you know what does the hadith of Huthayfah bin yaman (fa in lam yakun lahom jama3a wa la imam) say about this, does it lead to the conclusion that this jihad needs a khalifa, or otherwise ?

[hadith narrated in bukhari , Kitab al-manaqib, hadith #3338 hadith says When people were asking the prophet about the goodness, i was asking about the evil in fear that it may get to me, so I asked "oh prophet of Allah we were in jahiliyah then Allah brought this goodness, will there be any evil after it?" the prophet said "yes there will", I said "will there be goodness after it?" he said "yes and it has some impurities" i asked "and what are its impurities?" he SAW said " people who guide without my guidance, you know of them and deny." I asked "is there evil after this goodness?" he said "yes, there will be preachers who preach for the doors of hellfire, whoever answers them they throw him into hellfire" so i said "oh prophet of Allah, describe them for us" he SAW said "they are from u and they speak from our language." so i asked "what should I do if i witness that?" the prophet SAW said "stick with the group of Muslims and their leader" i asked "what if they had no leader?" he said "if they had no leader or imam, then leave all these groups even if you had to bite on a tree until your death."]

Al-jihad supporter : what does this hadith have to do with our discussion?

Al-Albani : did Huthayfah not ask the prophet about what to do when there are callers to the doors of hellfire ? the prophet answered that he must stick to the imam of the jama3a, if there is no imam then let him stay away from every jama3a. Do these conditions apply to today? do we not have people who claim to be Muslims yet they are callers to hellfire? is Khilafa not missing ?

Al-jihad supporter : I prefer to to discuss other hadiths, like "there is still a portion of my nation fighting for the right, they do not care whoever disagreed with them or let them down."

Al-Albani : What does this have to do with our discussion? We are not in disagreement about calling for jihad. We are in agreement that jihad is a an obligation (Fard 3ayn) today, what we disagree on is that do we need a khalifa first or not. What you quoted adds nothing to the argument. We both agree that jihad is a Fard. Do you understand? What we disagree about is the issue of needing a khalifa to start this jihad.

Al-jihad supporter : OK.

Al-Albani : notice that the prophet advised Huthayfah to stick with the imam of the Muslims and their main group. You have that all the conditions in that hadith are true today ..

Al-jihad supporter : true ...

Al-Albani : and the prophet said if the Muslims had no imam or jama3a, to leave all the groups. so what do you do now ?

Al-jihad supporter : well, we try to look for the group of Muslims and find an imam for it.

Al-Albani : this is what we call for! jihad is fard, but right now is not the time for it. We need the imam first and that the prophet ordered you to follow and stick with his group.

Al-jihad supporter : How do we know that we can not do jihad until we get this khalifa that is indeed necessary ?

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