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Welcome! On this website, you will be able to keep up to date on whatever is available of the Shaykh's materials in English on the well known Salafee web sites. This website physically retrieves and displays updates from each of the abovementioned sites in real time, as you click on the relevant page. To view translated articles contributed by each of these sites click on the buttons above.


Imaam Muqbil bin Haadee Explains al-Jarh al-Mufassar
The Noble Shaykh answers questions concerning criticism which is explanatory (mufassar) as opposed to general and vague criticism and gives illustrations and examples of this type of jarh (criticism).

Imaam Muqbil on Jarh, Accepting News, Warning from the Hizbees, and the Issue of Taqleed
Imaam Muqbil bin Haadee answers a number of questions relating to Jarh (disparagement) of the Hizbees, accepting the news of the reliable, warning against the Hizbees and the accusations of taqleed.

Imaam Muqbil: What I Witnessed in Saudi Arabia
The last tape recorded by Shaikh Muqbil, which is his recantation from his previous statements on Saudi Arabia. The Shaikh made this statement after spending many months in the land, witnessing for himself the reality of the land.

Shaikh Muqbil Interview with Yemen Times
An interview with Shaikh Muqbil during 2000 which clarifies the nature of the Shaikh's dawah, his education camps, and his refutation of terrorism and violence as a means to effect soceital change.


The Speech of the Scholars Upon Safar and Salmaan: Part 2 - Shaykh Muqbil Bin Haadee
The various statements of Shaykh Muqbil indicating that the resolution of the Major Scholars concerning Safar and Salmaan is the very truth, that these two wasted many of the youth, and are also followers of Muhammad Suroor.

Shaikh Muqbil on Jamaa'at ut-Tabligh
The Shaikh briefly outlines five areas in which Jamaa'at ut-Tabligh can be criticised.


Imaam Muqbil Replies: On the Hijaab and Forced Marriage to a Saint-Worshipper
The Shaikh gives an answer to a sister asking about parents who forbid her from wearing hijaab and force her to marry a grave-worshipper.

Imaam Muqbil Replies: Intercourse During the Waiting Period of Divorce
A question about divorce being pronounced for the first and second time and the ruling of intercourse during this time.

Imaam Muqbil Replies: Praying Behind a Saint-Worshipper
The ruling on praying behind the people who saint-worship and on those whose iinnovation reaches only the lesser kufr, and the guidelines concerning that.

Imaam Muqbil Replies: Taking Money From the Rafidah for the Salafi Da'wah?
Is it permissible to take money from the Rafidah Shites in order to strengthen and consolidate da'wah efforts? Or should they and their money be fled from?

Imaam Muqbil Replies: Striving To Attain Tazkiyahs (Commendations) For Oneself
The Shaikh explains the true purpose for the Tazkiyaat (commendations) that are given by the people of knowledge and how and when they are given and for what purpose.

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