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  Faith and Creed

Ãåá ÇáÓäÉ áÇ íÃæáæä ÃíÇÊ æÃÍÇÏíË ÇáÕÝÇÊ

Offerings to Other than Allaah is Major Shirk


What Are Angels And Iblees Created From?

The Prophets and Messengers

The Belief That The Messenger Is Present In Every Place And Location

Jinn And Devils

The Ruling Concerning Posing Questions to the Fortune-tellers and Soothsayers.

The Ruling Concerning Putting a Knife on a Child in Order to Protect Him.

The Difference Between the Wine and Alcohol of this World and That of the Next

It is Not Permissible to describe a Dead Person as ‘the forgiven’ or upon whom is mercy’

The Ruling Concerning One Who Opposes the laws of Allah.

It is Not Permissible to distinguish Ali with the Invocation Alaihis -Salam (peace be upon him)

The Wahhabites do not reject the Intercession of the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam)

Legitimate and Illegitimate Amulets

Seeking Remedy by the Quran

Seeking Treatment from Witchcraft

It is Not Permissible for Anyone to reject the Laws which Allaah has imposed upon His Creatures

Keeping Pictures as Tokens of Remembrance

And no living creature is there on the earth, but its provision is from Allaah

  Worship and Jurisprudence

If A Woman Ends Her Menses Before Sunset, She Must Perform The Dhuhr And Asr Prayer

Rulings on Purification for the Sick

The Whispering (of Satan) during Ablution

He was unsure whether his clothes had been polluted by something while he was praying

Putting henna on the head does not invalidate purification

Removing Hair From Armpits And Pubic Region

Satanic Whisperings

The Invalidation of Wudhu' during prayer due to a sound or odour

Touching a woman does not invalidate Wudhu

Is it necessary to make Wudhu after eating camel meat?

Broth made from Camel Meat does not nullify Wudhu'

The Ruling on Saying Bismillaah before Wudhu'

Sleep invalidates Wudhu

Should the Menstruating Woman and the Woman with Postpartum Bleeding perform the Farewell Tawaf?

The Ruling on a Menstruating Woman Reading Supplications

The Ruling on a Menstruating Woman Reading Tafseer

Disturbance of the Monthly Menstrual Cycle

Blood flow after Performing Ghusl

The Ruling on a Menstruating Woman Entering a Building attached to the Mosque

The Ruling Concerning Washing with Blood.

Washing the front and back passages when making Istinjaa

Wudhu With Petrol

Washing the Private Parts With Every Wudhu

Wiping the Neck During the Wudhu

A person who is Junub must not read Qur'an

The Whispering (of Satan) during Ablution

Touching a Women does not invalidate Wudhu'

The Ruling on uttering the Intention aloud

It is Permissible for the One Who is Junub to touch Anything

Washing Her Head due to Janabah or Menstruation is harmful to Her, so is it enough for Her to wipe over It?

The Ruling on Wiping over Thin Socks

The Ruling on Wiping over the Socks in the Summer without an Excuse

There is no Defined Minimum Period for Postnatal Bleeding

Al-Madhi does not necessitate Ghusl


Ruling for praying at home if the masjid is far away

On Delaying Salaat ul-Isha

The Imamate of one opposed to Ahlus-Sunnah

How Does One Behave Toward a Relative Who Does Not Pray?

One who Dies Whilst Having Abandoned the Prayer

Reasons That Would Help the Muslim Upon Establishing the Fajr Prayer

The Women who do not see the Imam, but they hear his Takbir

The Supplication of Al-Qunut

If the person being led in prayer cannot see the Imam nor anyone who is behind the Imam, but he can hear (the imam's voice)

Being unable to hear the Imam for a portion of the prayer

Offering Tahiyyatul-Masjid during the prohibited time

The Women who hear the Takbir, but they do not see the Imam nor those who are behind him

The Meaning Of The Statement Wa Ta'alaa Jadduka In The Opening Supplication Of The Prayer

There Is No Difference Between The Prayer Of The Man & The Woman

The ruling on one who prayed the obligatory prayer behind one who was praying a supererogatory prayer

If the one praying alone forgot to call the Iqamah

The ruling on the Athan and the Iqamah for the Single worshipper

Relying on Prayer Schedules in Large Cities

The ruling on the two Rak'ahs of Tawaf and where they are to be prayed

Also regarding the Number

He did not pray Maghrib while the Isha Prayer had already begun

Praying towards a Direction other then the Qiblah

Whispering in Prayer

The Ruling on Praying in a Flimsy or Transparent Garment

The Ruling on Covering the Face and Leaning in Prayer

Tahiyyatul-Masjid during the Times when Prayer is Forbidden

Speaking after the Iqamah for Prayer

Speaking after the Iqamah for Prayer

Sleeping though Fajr Prayer

Should the Latecomer to Prayer recite the Opening Supplication and Al-Fatihah?

Is it necessary to see the Imam?

If He did not find a Place in the First Row

Can He pray Tarawih with Them, with the Intention of Isha?

Basmalah quietly in Prayer is Better

One Who missed the Friday Prayer should pray Zuhr

If the Imam makes a Mistake in Recitation and no One corrects Him

If the Khatib becomes ill during the Friday Khutbah, and He misses the Prayer

If the One Who is led in Prayer forgets to recite Al-Fatihah

Passing directly in Front of a Worshipper in Prayer

Passing directly in Front of a Worshipper in Prayer

Praying on the Roofs of Toilets or next to Them

If the Imam makes a Mistake in His Recitation

The Latecomer should not take into Account the (unintentional) Addition made by the Imam in Prayer

The Remedy for Whispering (of Satan) in the Prayer

The Ruling on Delaying the Maghrib Prayer until the Time of Isha

Whoever prayed alone then another Person joined Him, is His Prayer correct?

The Ruling on raising the Hands in Supplication during the Friday Khutbah

There cannot be Two Witr Prayers in One Night

The Worshipper behind the Imam reciting aloud

The Ruling on the Additions to Prayer and the Latecomer

It is permissible for the One praying alone to break off His Prayer in order to pray with the Congregation

Prayer behind an Imam Who is not Good in Recitation

The Imam waiting in Bowing

The Ruling on abandoning Prayer in Congregation with the excuse of Soiled Clothing

The Ruling on reciting the Verses of Prostration in the Quiet Prayers

The Ruling on One Who Died and He Did Not Pray

The Ruling on Translating Khutbahs in to other Languages


Az-Zakah on Wealth that is kept for Marriage 1.

Az-Zakah on Wealth that is kept for Marriage 2.

Paying Az-Zakah in advance is permissible.

Land that is kept for building does not require paying of Az-Zakah

The ruling of Az-Zakah on Jewellery, Diamonds and precious Stones

Az-Zakah on Jewellery is obligatory on its Owner

Is it Lawful to Give Charity on their Behalf

A Word Concerning The Obligation Of az-Zakaah And Its Importance

The ruling on delaying the Zakah of Wealth and Zakatul-Fitr

The Sunnah is to distribute the Zakatul-Fitr among the poor People of the Land

The ruling of giving Az-Zakah to a single family

Paying Az-Zakah to the sister

Az-Zakah for a person who wants to get married

The ruling on paying Az-Zakah to one's mother

There is no Zakah on the Wealth of a religous Donation

Is there any Zakah on Diamonds?

A Sisters Gift

He Died and He Had Not Bequeathed Anything

Using Zakaah Monies to Finish a Masjid


His Thirst Becomes Severe During his Fast so he Drinks

Six Days of Shawwal or Fasts of Expiation First

Vomiting unintentionally does not corrupt the Fast

Whoever has Blood taken from him while he is fasting

The ruling on fasting Ramadhan 28 days

Can we fast 31 days?

Fasting consecutive Days is not a Condition in fasting the six Days of Shawwal

Is it not permissible to fast the six Days of Shawwal before a Fast of Expiation

The fasting Person swallowing Saliva

Fasting while on Journey

The ruling on using Perfume and Incense during Ramadhan

The ruling on using Toothpaste for the fasting Person

Making Up Fasts Missed in Ramadaan due to Menses

Making up Missed Fasts of Ramadaan on reaching Puberty

Ruling Concerning the Delaying of the Making up of the Days of Ramadaan


Stipulating a Condition is Sunnah for whoever fears

The Ruling on the Women Using Pills to Prevent Menstruation during the Days of Hajj

The Hajj of the Person who Abandons the Prayer

The Ruling on the Hajj of a Worker and a Police Officer without the Permission of their Authorities

He wants to perform Hajj, but he owes a Debt

He performed Hajj while he had stolen Money in his possession

The Ruling on Performing Hajj by taking a Loan

The ruling on stoning with the Pebbles that are around the Pillars

The ruling on wearing a Strap or Belt or Pouch Belt

The ruling on changing the Garments of Ihram

The Ruling on the Woman wearing Socks while in Ihram

The Woman assumes Ihram in any Clothing the she wishes

Whoever is not able to spend the Night in Mina due to Work

It is better to spend the Night in Mina by staying the entire Night

The Ruling on having Sex before the first Phase of Removing the Ihram

When the Prayer begins during Tawaf

The ruling on the two Rak'ahs of Tawaf and where they are to be prayed

He performed Hajj for his Mother but he forgot to say the Talbiyyah for her when assuming Ihram

The Hajj of the person who Abandons the Prayer

The ruling on the women using Pills to prevent Menstruation during the days of Hajj

The person who dies and he did not pray, Hajj is not performed on his behalf

Whoever died without performing Hajj and without leaving a will concerning Hajj

Perform Hajj for your Parents and you will be rewarded

The ruling on performing Hajj by taking a Loan

The ruling on passing the Miqat without Ihram

The ruling on assuming Ihram from Jeddah for whoever arrives by airplane

The ruling on changing the type of Hajj from Al-Qiran to At-Tamattu

The travel of Mutamatti to Jeddah does not break his Tamattu' (Combination of Umrah and Hajj)

Assuming Ihram on the Day of At-Tarwiyyah

The things that are prohibited during Ihram

The ruling on changing the Garments of Ihram

Whoever is in Mina then he assumes Ihram from there

The ruling on putting Perfume on the Ihram clothing

The ruling on wearing a Strap or Belt or Pouch Belt

If the woman gets her menses or has postnatal bleeding after assuming Ihram

The woman assumes Ihram in any clothing that she wishes

If the Woman gets her Menses before Tawaful-Ifadhah

The Muslim is not taken to account for forgetfulness

The ruling on a woman who performed Hajj and carried out all of its rites except for stoning

Is purity a condition for Tawaf and Sa'y

When the Prayer begins during Tawaf

Performing Tawaf far away from the Ka'bah

Tawaful-Ifadhah suffices for Tawaful-Wada

The ruling on whoever doubts concerning the Stones falling into the Basin (at the foot of the Pillars)

The ruling on stoning with the Pebbles that is around the Pillars

Whoever is not able to spend the Night in Mina due to work

The ruling on changing the type Hajj from Al-Qiran to At-Tamattu'


The Ruling on Writing on Graves

A Women Should not Visit Graves

It is Not Allowed to Seek Blessings Through the Dead.

Praying Over the People of Bid'ah

There is no harm in the Husband washing his wife

The ruling on removing gold teeth from the deceased


The Greatest Jihad

The greatest jihad

Sacrifice and Slaughtering

The Ruling on a Woman's Slaughter


Kidney Transplants


There are no Conditions Attached to One Who Stones the Adulterer

My Father was Involved in a Fatal Car Accident Which Wasn't His Fault, Must He Atone For It?

Is the magnitude of Sins increased in Makkah?

Supplications And Ruqya

Are there any Supplications and Adhkaar (Remembrance of Allah) for Friday and Saturday and the likes..?

Seeking Treatment from Witchcraft and Ignorant People is not allowed

The Ruling on answering the One Who sneezes while the Imam is delivering the Sermon

The Ruling on Qunut in the Obligatory Prayers

Your Crying is a Blessing from Allaah Almighty


The ruling on jackets manufactured from pigskin

The Ruling on Dyeing the Beard Black

Dyeing the Beard Black


One Who travels a Hundred Kilometres

The Ruling on the Hajj Pilgrim Shortening the Prayer

If the Resident prays behind the Traveller

Combining the Prayers when Travelling

The Fixed Sunnah Prayers during Travel

Travelling in order to visit the Mosque of Allaahs Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam), not His Grave

Masjid Rulings

The Masjid is not allowed for the menstruating Woman or the sexually impure person

The ruling on entering the Masjid for the one who eats Onions and smokes Cigarettes

The ruling on taking the stones of an old Masjid that has been abandoned and using them for personal benefits

At-Tasbih with Beads (Al-Misbahah)

The Ruling Concerning Hanging and Possessing Pictures.

at-Tawwaaf and Completing the Qur'aan (by reciting it all) for the Dead

The Method Of Making Tawbah

It Is Not Permissable For A Muslim To Dislike That Which Allaah Does Not Dislike

Sajdatut-Tilawah is a Sunnah

  Social Dealings
Marriage and Engagement

The Suitable Age For Marriage

The Disbelieving Father May Not be a Guardian of His Daughter in Marriage

The Ruling on Giving a Daughter in Marriage to One Who Does Not Pray

On delaying the marriage of a young woman until completion of high school or university education.

The Ruling on a Young Woman's Guardian Refusing to Give Her in Marriage

What is Permissable for the Suitor to See of the Woman Before the Wedding

The Ruling on Giving an Illegitimate Child in Marriage

How Can I Become Acquainted to the Woman I am Proposing to?

The Ruling on Wearing a (Diblah) Wedding Ring

Who will be the Guardian for the Marriage of the Orphan Girl?

The Ruling Concerning Having Wedding Parties in Hotels.

The Ruling Concerning a Christian Man Marrying a Muslim Women.

There is No Contradiction in the Verses Regarding Polygyny.

Concerning Polygyny/ Polygamy.

The Disbelieving father May not be a Guardian of his daughter in marriage

What is Unlawful by Reason of Lineage is Unlawful be is Unlawful by Reason of Fostering

The Ruling on Marring the Daughters of the Sister's Co-Spouse

Who will be the guardian for the marriage of the orphan Girl?

The Ruling on Marrying the Sister of a Sister from a Foster Relationship

The Ruling on Marrying the Daughters of the Father's Wife by Another Man

The Ruling on Wearing a (Diblah) Wedding ring

The Ruling on Having Anal Sex with a Women, or During Her Menstrual Period, or Her Post-Natal Bleeding

Atonement for Having Anal Intercourse

How Can I Become Acquainted With My Fiancee?

The one with the greatest right of guardianship when giving a girl in Marriage

The Ruling on Having Anal Sex With a Wife

There is no Necessity for a Medical Examination Before Marriage

Ruling on How to Deal with a Troublesome Husband

The Ruling on Delaying the Dowry

The Ruling on Marrying a Jewish or Christian Woman

The Sitting of the Bride and Groom Among the Women is Detested

Family and Society

The ruling on a Women Studying Engineering or Chemistry

The Ruling on Mixing With Women With the Claim of Having a Blameless Intention

The Ruling Concerning Birth Control.

Taking money from your Father without His permission....

Ad-Dayyuth is One Who Accepts Sin on the Part of His Wife

It is Permissible for a Man to Kiss His Daughter

My Wifes Sisters Unveil Themselves to Me When I am Driving Them in My Car

Divorce and Separation

Divorce Simply by Intention Does Not Count

Divorcing a Pregnant Woman

He said to his Wife: 'You Will Not Be Permissible to Me Again'

Child Custody

Charity for an Orphan in our Care

The Ruling on One Who Was Absent From His Wife For Four Years, Then She Bore Him a Son

Buying and Selling

A Permissible Transaction

The Ruling on Selling Video Tapes

The ruling on buying and selling Currencies

Selling Cars by instalments

The ruling on selling a stolen Item and buying it

The Ruling on selling Gold Watches to Men and likewise Rings and Pens

Magazines That Contain Pictures of Unveiled Women

The Sale or Rental of Video Tapes

Loans and Mortgages

Ruling about life and property insurance

Utilising Trusts and Investing Them


One is Bound by the Provision Made by the Deceased in His Will

The Will Must Be Executed

Cheating the Employer is Unlawful

Saying, "Yes, him - the Cripple."

Lost Property Must be Announced for a Whole Year

The Ruling on Lost Property which has not been Announced

Lost Property in the Sacred Places

In Debt to a Person who cannot be found

Finding Gold and Selling it Alongside Your Own Gold

He Bequeathed His Land as an Endowment to His Sons and His Grandsons

Transferring an Endowment When it Ceases to Benefit

It is Better for an Endowment to be Spent on the Thing For Which it Was Specified

This Practice is Unlawful

A Women May not Travel Except with a Mahram

The Ruling on Masturbation

Hanging Up Verses of the Quraan on the Office Wall

The ruling on Utilizing Trust and investing them

Papers That Have Allah's Name Written on Them

Beneficial Shows that Intermittently Play Music

Cheating In English Subject

Cheating on an Exam

Collecting Pictures as a Memento

Female Students Standing For Their Teacher

Hanging Pictures on the Wall

Kissing the Hand and Putting it on the Chest

Not Throwing Away Magazines That Contain Pictures

Stuffing Animals and Birds

This is a Form of Cheating and Deceit

To Be Shy From Speaking the Truth is Merely to Be Weak

Waving when giving salaams

You Dont Deserve This Money

Receiving Extra Money Without Working And Outside of the Work Shift

Speak Graciously to Your Boss

Birds and Fish for Display

Birds in Cages

Killing Insects in Ones Home

Listening to the Radio

Masturbation With Other than the Hand

The Ruling on Writing Bismillah on invitation Cards

There Is No Harm in Humor, As Long As What You Say Is True

There Is No Sin Upon You

Calling to Allaah

The Character of the Caller to Islaam

There is no Objection to Citing Legal Judgements

The character of the Caller to Islam

Way of the Pious Predecessors

What Is Salafiyyah?

Is it correct that the Hanbalees are the only Salafees?


The Ruling Concerning Celebrating Birthdays.

The Ruling on the Celebration of the Prophets Birthday: Al-Milad

Pronouncing the Intention for Prayer is an Innovation

Reciting the Quran through the Loudspeakers before the Friday Prayer

Rectification of the Ummah

Warn People Against Deviants

Warn People against Deviants

Calling to Nationalism is a Call to Ignorance

Take From Him His Knowledge, But Leave Alone His Actions

  Manners and Etiquette
Islamic Greetings

The Ruling on a Male Student Greeting a Female Student with Salutations of Peace

Kissing One's Hands or Putting One's Hand on the Heart after Giving Salaams

Bathroom Manners

Taking Something that has Allaah’s Name Written to the Washroom


I Have a Dream and Then it Comes True

I Have a Dream and then it comes true

Husband And Wife

If a Woman with Postdelivery Bleeding becomes Clean before the Expiration of Forty days, may she Fast, Pray and perform Hajj?

Adornments And Attire

Removing Hair From Arms And Legs For A Woman

Removing Hair From The Eyebrows

Is it Allowed for Men to Wear a Wristwatch

What is the Ruling on Wearing a Steel Watch or Ring

The Ruling on Dragging one's Lower Garment out of Custom, Not Arrogance

The Ruling on Isbal Without Conceit, and if one is Forced to do it

Shortening the Thawb and Letting the Pants Drag

Does Isbal Apply to Sleeves?

Does A Transparent Garment Cover the 'Awrah

The Ruling on Clothing Made of Synthetic Silk

The Ruling on Wearing a Coat Made from Pigskin

Wearing Gold for Men and the Wedding Ring

The Ruling Concerning Men Wearing Gold Rings

The Ruling on Wearing the Wedding Ring Called a Dublah

The Ruling Regarding Wearing a Silver Ring, and in Which Hand it is Worn

Wearing a Watch or Using a Pen that is Gold-Plated

Women Dying Their Hair Black

Women wearing perfume and leaving the house.

Women Wearing Kohl

Ruling Concerning a Women Cutting her Hair

The Ruling on Shaving the Cheeks

Storing Books and Magazines That Have Pictures in Them

Changing One's Name After Accepting Islaam

The Ruling Concerning Crying due to illness

Keeping a Picture to Remember Somebody By

  Qur'aan And Commentary

Why Does Allaah Almighty Mention Wealth Before Children?

Concerning the saying of Allaah “There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell)”

Hanging up Verses of the Qur'aan On the Office Wall

Menstruating Women And Women Experiencing Post-Natal Bleeding: May They Touch the Qur’aan?

The Purpose of Reading the Qur’aan is to Contemplate and Apply it

The Ruling on Using Quotes from the Qur’aan for Common Speech

The Person Who Recites Qur’aan in Secret is Like He Who Gives Charity in Secret

The Ruling of Putting Copies of the Qur’aan behind the Worshippers

Forgetting the Qur’aan After Having Memorized It

The Ruling Concerning the Papers that Contain the Name of Allah

Hanging up Verses of the Qur'an in the Offices Is Permissible

The Ruling of putting Copies of the Qur'an behind the worshipper

Does A Quran Teacher Have To Make Ablution?

He Has Two Rewards!

  Groups and Sects

Did the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) commission Ali as a Caliph?

Jama'atul Tableegh & the Prayer Within Mosques That Contain Graves

  Prophetic Traditions

Concerning the Hadeeth ''A Woman Who Gives Birth To Her Female Master''

The Hadeeths About Visiting the Grave of the Prophet (sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam) Are Weak or Fabricated

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Whoever Visits Me I Will Be His Intercessor''

Concerning the Hadith “Differing in My Nation Is a Mercy”

Concerning the Hadeeth ''The Neighbour of the Masjid''

To See The Prophet (sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam) In One's Dreams

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Ghurbatul-lslam''

Concerning the Hadeeth ''None Of You Believes Until''

Concerning the Hadeeth about ''The Seven'': Is it Specific to Men?

Concerning the saying ''Whoever Knows Me Yet Disobeys Me''

Concerning the Hadeeth ''Every Important Matter''

Concerning the Hadeeth about Zamzam Water

Seeking Knowledge

Women and the Seeking of Knowledge.


I acquire books, but I do not read them

The Dangers of Having Female Teachers for Boys in Elementary Schools

Legislated knowledge

I am a Teacher Who is asked Questions by the Students, should I answer?


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