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The Foundations of the Call to Allaah
  Excerpt from "The Methodology of the Prophets"
Author: Shaikh Rabee' bin Hadee al-Madkhalee
Source: Manhaj ul-Anbiyaah fi ad-Dawah ilal-Laah (Eng. Trans.Dawud Burbank)
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The third is represented by a group which directs its attention to the political, economic and social aspects of Islaam. It has put forward a good deal, and what they have forwarded is known by what is to be found in the libraries, upon the pulpits and in the Universities. They are to be thanked for the efforts they have expended. From the criticisms that need to be made of this orientation is that they have written a great deal in the political field in the name of Islamic Politics, and the call to the supremacy and authority of Allaah, and the establishment of the Islamic state. They urge the Islamic Ummah, especially its youth, to devote all their efforts and to mobilise their potential in order to realise this goal. They use very forceful and captivating methods, so as to captivate the hearts and seize the minds. They have written a great deal of good and beneficial things in the field of Islamic economics and about the virtues of Islaam, such things as are needed by the Ummah, particularly at this time. and this is something for which they deserve praise. But at the same time they are to be criticised for the fact that while giving importance to these aspects they have clearly neglected the right of 'Aqeedah. SO if they had directed the same vigour and importance to correction of 'Aqeedah upon the methodology of the Prophets, and had utilised their efforts and their pens to uproot practices of Shirk and its manifestations. and innovations, and false superstitions and fables, then they would have been able to achieve a great deal of good for Islaam and the Muslims, and they would have set about the matter in the correct manner. Then they would have truly been upon the methodology of the Prophets alaihinws-salaatu was-salaam. So since their da'wah and their intellectual writings are as I have described, and I am one of the many readers of these writings, I wished to put forward some observations to the leaders of this orientation, bearing in mind the heavy responsibility which they bear before Allaah. Who said in the clear and decisive Aayahs of His Book,

Meaning: Remember when Allaah took the covenant from the People of the Book that they would explain it to the people and not hide it.

This a duty to be done following the way of the scholars of this Ummah and its sincere callers, beginning with the Companions and continuing right up to the sincere scholars of this present time. So I hope those who are inclined to this orientation will have good thoughts about their brother and share his feelings concerning the heavy responsibility which we bear before Allaah, and open their hearts to criticism which I hope will and foundation for and will lead to good and benefit the Islamic Ummah. I also hope that they will understand that the Companions of Allaah's Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) used to discuss some of his decisions with him and he would open his heart to discussion and would give up his own view if he saw that something else was more correct, from the view and opinions put forward by his Companions, and sometimes the Qur'aan was sent down in support of their views.

So from the greater leaders of this orientation is the thinker Abul-Alaa al-Maududi There are concerning him very serious and severe criticisms to be made, and it is not permissible for a Muslim who fears Allaah and respects Islam, which raises its followers above veneration of people and their ideas. to remain silent about this.

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