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Welcome! On this website, you will be able to keep up to date on whatever is available of the Shaykh's materials in English on the well known Salafee web sites. This website physically retrieves and displays updates from each of the abovementioned sites in real time, as you click on the relevant page. To view translated articles contributed by each of these sites click on the buttons above.

  Faith and Creed

åá ãÚÑÝÉ ÃÓãÇÁ Çááå æÕÝÇÊå ÌÒÁ ãä ÇáÚÞíÏÉ¿

ÃÓãÇÁ Çááå ÇáÍÓäì æÃÓã Çááå ÇáÃÚÙã

Classification and Greatest Name of Allah


The Excuse of Ignorance?

The importance of aqeedah for the Muslim

To Take An Oath By Other Than Allaah

Do Muslims Worship The Black Stone & The Ka'bah?

  Worship and Jurisprudence

Regarding Prayer in Rented Buildings in the West

Sacrifice and Slaughtering

Excuse of ignorance for the one who Slaughters for other than Allaah


The Ruling of Travelling to A Muslim country which has open sinning

He allows his wife to travel by plane with her young child without accompanying her

Taking Pictures Using A Mobile Phone

  Social Dealings
Marriage and Engagement

Women Dancing At Weddings

The ruling concerning non-mahram brothers sending letters to sisters by post

The ruling concerning the 'zaghrata' (noise women make at celebrations using the tongue)


Seeking blessings for the house through sacrificing


Shaking Hands with the Unbelievers


Are demonstrations from solving problems

Schools of Thought and Blind Following

On turning away from one's madhhab to another and sticking only to one madhhab.

Allegiance and Enmity

Íßã ÞÊá ÑÌÇá ÇáÃãä

Way of the Pious Predecessors

The Obligation to Ascribe to Salafiyyah

Is Salafiyyah a Group from Amongst the Party Spirited Groups

Allowing Oneself to Enter Into Fitan Out of Feeling Safe From The Plot of Allaah

Partisanship and Splitting

The ruling upon the one who affiliates himself with the various Islamic groups.

The general ruling upon the Islamic groups.

On mixing with the various Islamic groups.

Are the present day groups from the 72 sects?

The obligation of explaining the dangers of splitting and sectarianism

Warning against the methodologies that oppose the way of the pious predecessors.

How do we understand the hadeeth of the 73 sects given the presence of more than 73 sects in our time?


The Claim That There Are ‘Good Innovations’ In The Religion

The Superstition Of Fragrances Emanating From The Prophets Grave

Seeking Blessings From Maktabah Makkah

Rectification of the Ummah

Regarding the staging of demonstrations

Correctness of a person's methodology determines paradise or hellfire.

Is there a difference between ‘Aqeedah (belief) and Manhaj (methodology)?

Showing the Wounds of the Muslims in Palestine and Other Places

Ash-Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan Discusses: Who Is An Innovator

  Manners and Etiquette
Eating And Drinking

Throwing away leftover food.

Husband And Wife

The ruling of a woman who does not listen to the speech of her husband

Using Recitation of the Qur'aan as a Ring Tone Upon a Phone

  Qur'aan And Commentary

The explanation of (those in authority) in the Aayah

  Groups and Sects

The Existence of the Ideology of the Khawaarij in Present Times

Are the Khawaarij considered to be from the people of the Qiblah?

On the one who makes takfeer of the rulers and calls to revolt.

The position towards those who make takfeer of the rulers.

Regarding a person who calls the youth to throw off the bay'ah of the ruler.

The revolt of Saeed bin Jubayr against al-Hajjaaj.

Advice to those using satellite television and the internet to call to rebellion.

Is Dhul-Khuwaisarah regarded as a companion or a khaarijee?

On openly criticising the Muslim ruler.

On criticising the scholars for not publicly criticising the rulers.

On the claim that the Islamic world carries the flag of secularism.

On showing sincerity to the ruler.

Regarding those who claim that the Saudi state fights the religion.

Advising the ruler by way of a telegram.

Is the legitimate ruler the one to whom all the Muslims have pledged allegiance?

The various ways and precursors of rebellion.

On the one who disobeys the rulers.

This is the view of the Khawaarij


What are the types of Murji'ah?

Is Abu Haneefah from the murji'ah?

My Ummah will Split into Seventy Three Sects

Seeking Knowledge

The stages in seeking knowledge


The Books of 'Aqeedah for Beginners

The one who speaks ill of the works of Shaykhul- Islam Muhammad bin 'Abdul-Wahhab


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