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Warning Against the Innovators
  The Salaf and their Position Towards The People of Innovations & Desires
Author: Imam al-Laalikaa'ee
Source: Sharh Usool ul-I'tiqaad (Eng. Trans. by Dawud Burbank)
Article ID : BDH050001  [22590]  
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(274)... 'Abdullaah ibn 'Umar as-Sarkhusee - the scholar of al-Khazar - said: I ate a single meal with an innovator and Ibn al-Mubaarak heard of it so he said : "I will not speak to him for thirty days."

(275)... al-Fudayl said: Ibn al-Mubaarak said: "I have not seen any wealth which I despise more than that of a person of innovation and he said: 'O Allah do not let any innovator give me anything so that my heart should love him."

(276)... from Ibraaheem [i.e. an-Nakha'ee] who said: "There is no backbiting regarding an innovator."

(278)... from al-Hasan al-Basaree, who said: "There are three who have no inviolability with regard to backbiting: one of them is the person of innovation who calls to his innovation."

(281)... from Katheer, Aboo Sahl who said: "It is said that there is no inviolability for the people of innovated sects."

(284)... from 'Abdullaah ibn al-Mubaarak said: "The person of innovation has darkness in his face even if he anoints it thirty times a day."

(286)... Sallaam ibn Abee Mutee' said: a man said to Ayyoob: 'O Abu Bakr, 'Amr ibn 'Ubayd has turned back from his opinion !!' He said: "He has not turned back." He said: 'Indeed, O Aboo Bakr, he has turned back." Ayyoob said: "He has not turned back - (three times) - he has not turned back. Have you not heard his (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) saying:"They shoot out from the Deen just as the arrow shoots through the prey, then they do not return to it until the arrow returns to the bow - string"."

(290)... Ayyoob used to call all the people of the innovated sects 'Khawaarij' and say : "The Khawaarij have different names but are all united upon use of the sword."

(291)... Sallaam said: A person of the innovated sects said to Ayyoob : "I want ask you about a word." He turned away and said: " No, nor even a half a word." - Twice indicating with his finger.

(293)... Malik ibn Anas said: " Is to be the case that every time someone comes who can argue better than another that we are to abandon what Jibreel brought to Muhammad (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) because of his argument?!"

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