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Dr. Saeed Ramadan al-Buti
  Imam al-Albani's Subjugation of al-Buti
Author: Translated by Abu Rumaysah
Source: Bid`atut Ta'assub al-Madhhabee (Shaykh Eed al-Abbaasi)
Article ID : NDV060001  [43402]  
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The Discussion digressed to the issue of Ittibaa` (following) and whether or not it was an independent level that a person could reach

Shaykh Naasir was of the opinion that it was an independent station falling between the station of taqleed and ijtihaad because its [state] differs from the [state] of the other two. Dr. Bootee was of the opinion that it falls within taqleed. A number of those present agreed with Shaykh Naasir because he quoted a number of the People of Knowledge in their affirming the station of ittibaa`. The discussion on this went on for a long time ending with both sticking to their opinion. However there was a weakening in al-Bootee’s stance for he stated that this was an issue over which there was a difference of opinion.

The Discussion ended with a Vile word from al-Bootee

Finally Shaykh Naasir asked al-Bootee for another sitting but he refused and so Shaykh Naasir asked permission to leave. He stood and moved towards the door. Al-Bootee realising that he had been defeated [in a number of his stances] then called out, "By Allaah! Shaykh Naasir you state what is not in your heart."

Shaykh Naasir rejected this vile accusation, as did those who were present and then the discussion was over.

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