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Sayyid Qutb
  The Heresies of Sayyid Qutb in Light of the Statements of the Ulamaa : Part 4
Author: SalafiPublications.Com
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8. Shaikh Rabee’ reminds Shaikh Bakr that his book refuting Sayyid Qutb was read by many persons of knowledge, who are far superior than him in knowledg, perception and cognisance, yet none of them showed the rejection he showed. And he stated that many of these phoned him directly, from within and outside of the Kingdom to express their thanks and commendations for this work.(p.26)

9. Shaikh Rabee’ reminds Shaikh Bakr, that in light of what he has written in his letter, it is necessary for Shaikh Bakr himself to repent and show remorse for writing his refutations against Abu Ghuddah (who reviled Ibn Taymiyyah) and as-Saaboonee (who denied and distorted the Attributes of Allaah in the way of the Ash’ariyyah). [In fact, his need to repent in this regard is greater since the mistakes and errors of these two do not even come near to the level of those of Qutb]. (p.30)

10. The Shaikh reminds Shaikh Bakr that he had finished writing his book ‘Adwaa Islaamiyyah’ right at the end of Dhul-Qa’ada 1413 (around 26/11/1413H). Then after a short while, just prior to the days of Hajj, he sent the book to the people of knowledge, amongst the Shaikh Bakr himself. He then waited a while but the reply of Shaikh Bakr to acknowledge receipt of the book was not forthcoming. So the Shaikh says that he rang up Shaikh Bakr and asked whether he had received it or not, the reply being that he had not received it. So then Shaikh Rabee’ asked Shaikh Bakr’s brother, to send the book the Shaikh Bakr again. After this the Shaikh says that he cannot be certain as to when exactly Shaikh Bakr actually received the book, or when he read it and when he had time or complete it or when he had time to read it many times over and also perform his research as he claimed. This is because the letter of Shaikh Bakr in reply to Shaikh Rabee’ is dated 20/1/1414H so this gives very little time for Shaikh Bakr to have researched properly (no more than 4 weeks maximum). And this seems evident since Shaikh Bakr himself admits that he only read two sections from two chapters (of Shaikh Rabee’s book). So Shaikh Rabee’ states that what the Shaikh is claiming (of numerous readings and research) does not seem plausible and seems unusual, unless he read all the books of Sayyid Qutb like the Soofee who claimed he read the Qur’an 70,000 times whilst doing tawaf?! (p.119-120)

11. The Shaikh mentions that along with his son, Ahmad, he met up with Shaikh Bakr in Madinah. With the Shaikh was someone else, perhaps his eldest son. In this gathering they had a debate over one of the titles used by Shaikh Rabee’ "Sayyid Qutb speaks with the opinion of the creation of the Qur’an". Shaikh Bakr alleged that Shaikh Rabee’ had been unjust in this. Yet in the course of the debate, Shaikh Bakr admitted he had only read a portion of the chapter (of Shaikh Rabee’s book). So Shaikh Rabee said to him, "then let us read the remainder of it" and this was because the Shaikh had actually give two examples of how Sayyid Qutb made it permissible for someone besides Allaah to legislate rules and laws [referring here to the abolition of slavery and introducing Socialism into Islam]. Yet Shaikh Bakr did not read them and he refused to read them and became very angry, his anger being for Sayyid Qutb – yet what Qutb had committed with respect to the right of Allaah, the right of the Companions and the Islamic Ummah did not anger him. So when the Shaikh observed this very strange and doubtful behaviour from him he said to Shaikh Bakr "You have taken for yourself the highest position of making judgements, so is it permissible for you to make a judgement against the whole of my book just because you have read two small sections from two chapters?" And all he did in reply was to laugh!!! P.45)


And perhaps in what we have mentioned there is sufficiency for the seeker of truth and there is also sufficiency for the defender of falsehood from amongst those who have loyalty for the sake of Innovation and its people, and for the sake of a Rafidi, who let loose his tongue on the Kaleem of Allaah, Uthmaan and other notables amongst the Companions of Allaah's Messenger.

So it is upon every Qutubi who spread the discourse of Shaikh Bakr Abu Zaid to repent from it and to withhold from mentioning it, lest the curse of its author fall upon him and lest he be led into humiliation and disgrace on account of this curse. And we repeat, "Aameen, Aameen" to the supplication of the author of the so called "Golden Discourse".

And we say to every Qutubi who has loyalty and disownment for the sake of Sayyid Qutb, especially to the Qutubis of the US and their Muqallidah from the UK, who have never ceased showing their hatred and disdain for the defenders of the honour of the Companions of Allaah and the Prophets of Allaah:

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