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Ruling By Other Than What Allaah Has Revealed
  Concerning Those Who Do Not Rule by what Allaah SWT has Revealed
Author: Imaam al-Albani
Source: Silsilah as-Saheehah (vol 6. no.2552)
Article ID : MNJ050002  [31590]  
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And he (ibn Taymiyyah) said (7/312), “so when there is the saying of the salaf that man can have faith and hypocrisy in him, then likewise is their saying that he can have faith and kufr (in him). But not the kufr that ejects one from the religion, as was said by ibn Abbaas and his companions over His saying, “the one who does not rule by what Allaah revealed then they are kaafir.” They said: kufr that does not eject one from the religion. And Imaam Ahmad and other Imaams of the Sunnah followed them in this.”

The wording of at-Tabaraanee has, “And the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) did not overcome them or …. On that day as he was in a peace treaty”

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