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Refutation of the Ash`arees
  Affirmation of the Attribute of Face for Allaah
Author: Abu Iyaad
Article ID : AQD060004  [36677]  
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This is because those things that are annexed to Allaah are of two types. Those things separate from Him, from His creation, such as al-Bait (the House of Allaah), an-Naaqah (the She Camel of Allaah), al-Abd (the Servant of Allaah) etc. Or those things that are not independent of Him, but rather from His Essence such as knowledge, life, seeing, hearing, power, speech etc. So when these are annexed to Him then it is an annexation which signifies real attributes, it is not one that signifies created things for this is falsehood. So when this is the case, how is it possible for a Muslim to seek refuge in something created? So from this the falsehood is made clear!

THREE: Ibn al-Qayyim explains regarding the verse "Wherever you may turn, you will find the Face/Countenance of Allaah", then some of the Salaf have interpreted it to Face to mean the ‘qiblah’ of Allaah. Then this is something that is acceptable for this particular verse. But then is it correct for this meaning to be applied to other verses in which Face is mentioned? So of what benefit would this explanation be regarding the saying of Allaah, "[but] shall remain the Face of your Lord, Full of Majesty and Honour" [55:27] and "Except only the desire to seek the Face of His Lord, the Most High" [92:20] and "We feed you only for the Face of Allaah" [76:9]?

And what is correct regarding the saying of Allaah "Wherever you may turn, you will find the Face/Countenance of Allaah" is that it is just like the statements of Allaah in all the other verses in which Face is mentioned. In all the places in the Book and the Sunnah that Face has been mentioned, it has been attributed to Allaah in the same way, with the same meaning. It does not have two meanings that are opposed to each other. However there is an exception with respect to that which comes in Surah al-Baqarah. In this verse, the explanation that it refers to qiblah (direction) is not singled out [as the only understanding]. Rather it can also be applied to the Face of Allaah literally (haqeeqatan). And this is because this verse was revealed with respect to travelling. So when a person prays and he errs in finding the right direction, then wherever He turns he will be facing Allaah. And the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallaam) said that "When a person stands for prayer, then Allaah is in front of him" [Bukharee and Muslim]. This is because He is high above His creation, ascended upon His Throne and He encompasses the whole of creation. So wherever a servant turns Allaah is in front of him. The Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallaam) said, "Indeed Allaah has commanded you with prayer, so when you pray do not turn [to the left or to the right] for Allaah directs His Face to the face of His servant in his prayer so long as he does not turn away" [Ahmad and Tirmidhee, Hasan-Saheeh]. And also his (sallallaahu alaihi wasallaam) saying, "When the servant performs ablution well and stands to perform the prayer, Allaah turns to Him with His Face…" [Ibn Maajah, all of its narrators are thiqah]".

So from the above, it is clear that the verse of Surah Baqarah is just like the other verses, even if from one aspect, the meaning can be understood to be qiblah (direction).

However, it is not possible to apply the same explanation to all the other texts that have attributed Face to Allaah the Most High. And in this is a challenge to the Jahmiyyah : Apply your interpretations to the other places in the Book and the Sunnah where Face is mentioned and see where that leads you?

FOUR: Regarding the statement of Allaah the Most High, "For those who do good is the best (i.e. Paradise) and something more [that is better]…" 10:26], then the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallaam) said in explanation of this, "Looking at His Face, the Most High" [Muslim 1/163]. Therefore, the one who denies the attribute of Face for Allaah then he is claiming that the Believers in Paradise will be looking at something imaginary, and in this he has made a great error and invented a great lie. And the Companions, the Taabi’een, the Four Imaams, and all of the great Imaams of the Salaf are agreed that the Believers shall see the Face of their Lord in Paradise. Imaam ad-Daraqutnee (d. 385H) said: "Muhammad bin Mukhlad narrated to us: Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Umar bin al-Hakam, Abu Hasan ibn al-Attaar said: I heard Muhammad bin Mis'ab, the Worshipper saying: "Whoever claims that You do not speak and that You will not be seen in the Hereafter is a disbeliever in Your Face and he does not know You. I testify that You are above the Throne, above the seven heavens - not as Your enemies, the heretical apostates (Zanaadiqah) say." Kitaab us-Sifaat of ad-Daraqutnee (no. 64)


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