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Concerning Correction of the Rulers   (7 Articles)
Ibn al-Qayyim on the Reasons for the Rulers Becoming Oppressive and Tyrannical
Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullaah) explaining that the actions and behaviour of the rulers is really just a manifestation of the actions and behaviour of those who are ruled over, like for like. [20-Apr-03 : 12:00 AM]
Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah on Rebellion Against the Rulers and A Discussion of the Khurooj Made By the Early Salaf
Powerful and far reaching words that ought to be written in gold and presented to every revolutionary renegade who in the name of rectification seeks to bring destruction to the worldly affairs. [04-Apr-02 : 12:00 AM]
Shaykh Abdul-Lateef Bin Abdur-Rahmaan Aal ash-Shaykh on Obedience to those in Authority and Absence of Rebellion
The Shaykh giving the example of the behaviour of the Imaams of the Muslims towards the likes of Yazeed, al-Hajjaaj, and Banul-Abbaas in light of their oppression and excesses. [17-Feb-02 : 12:00 AM]
Ibn al-Qayyim on Open Rejection of the Rulers and Kings and Making Khurooj
Ibn al-Qayyim outlining the basis and foundation of every evil, which is open rejection against those in authority, which does not result except in greater evil. Excellent words. [16-Feb-02 : 06:12 PM]
Imaam Ibn Baz on the Manhaj of Correcting the Rulers
Imaam Ibn Baaz answering the question as to whether open rejection on the pulpits is from the manhaj of the Salaf, as well as outlining the correct way to offer advice and correction. [06-Feb-02 : 09:48 AM]
Imaam Barbahaaree on the Manhaj of Dealing With the Rulers
Imaam al-Barbahaaree outlines the adopted path with respect to rectification and correction of the rulers. With additional notes and beneficial quotes. [06-Feb-02 : 12:00 AM]
Imaam Ibn Uthaymeen on the Manhaj of Correcting Rulers
The Noble Shaykh gives an excellent answer and guidelines concerning the way to show rejection against the evils that arise from the Rulers, and reconciling the evidences from the Sunnah and repelling the ways of those who cause mischief. [05-Feb-02 : 12:00 AM]

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