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The Jahmee Inquisition   (10 Articles)
The Jahmee Inquisition: The Ta'weel of the Mu'awwilah Contains the Very Same As That Which They Originally Claimed To Flee From
The poor miskeen Jahmite! He flees from tashbeeh - as he claims and then falls in what is equivalent to it, if not even worse and more repugnant. And this is the way of all the Mu'awwilah, including the Ash'arites and Mu'tazilites. [05-Mar-02 : 07:56 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: Speaking About Some Attributes Is Like Speaking About The Rest
A systematic demolition of the qawaaneen of the Ash'ariyyah, Mu'tazilah, Jahmiyyah, Baatiniyyah and the Philosophers concerning the Names and Attributes. Excellent! [04-Mar-02 : 12:00 AM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: The Inability of the Mu'awwilah to Corroborate the Difference Between That Whose Ta'weel is Permitted and That Whose Ta'weel is Not Permitted
Allaahu Akbar! The demolition of the false qawaaneen (rules) of the Mu'awwilah takes full force here, with a brilliant step by step refutation of the foundations of the Ash'ariyyah in particular. [28-Feb-02 : 06:33 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: Concerning the Difference Between the Ta'weel of Tafseer (Explanation) and the Ta'weel of Tahreef (Distortion)
The reality of the Jahmite way is explained, which is that of Tahreef, and they have inherited this way from the Shaykhs and Imaams of Tahreef, al-Yahood. [25-Feb-02 : 07:04 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: Concerning the Difference Between The Ta'weel of Information (Khabar) and the Ta'weel of Request (Talb)
The Prosecution illustrates the difference between ta'weel of information (khabar) and ta'weel of request (talb) and that the verses that relate to the Attributes are from amongst the decisive clear verses, in opposition to what is claimed by the Jahmite. [20-Feb-02 : 07:02 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: Ta'weel Is Informing About the Speaker's Intent Behind His Words, Not Devising New Meanings and Applications For His Words
A more detailed explanation of what ta'weel actually means and refers to and distinguishing this from what the Jahmite falls into of twisting, lying, and inventing new applications and meanings for words in the course of his own brand of ta'weel. [15-Feb-02 : 06:21 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: Differentiating Between the Correct, Sound Ta'weel and the False (Baatil) Ta'weel
Illustrating the sound ta'weel and the various ways in which the false, incorrect ta'weel is made by the Jahmite Negators and their offshoots. Excellent! [12-Feb-02 : 04:42 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: On the Types of Ta'weel
On the nature of the ta`weel that has come in the Book of Allah, with many examples, and also its meaning with the Mufassiroon - in comparison to that which is claimed and employed by the Innovators. [06-Feb-02 : 07:58 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: The People of Ta`weel Are The Worshippers and Followers of at-Taaghoot and the Seekers of the Hukm of Jaahiliyyah
Ibn al-Qayyim explaining that the people of ta`weel have four taaghoots that they have devised and subsequently refer back to for judgement in disputes, seeking the hukm of jaahiliyyah in that. [29-Dec-01 : 05:21 PM]
The Jahmee Inquisition: Debate Between a Sunni Affirmer and a Jahmite Denier
Abdullaah Ibn Taymiyyah puts a Jahmite to trial in this most excellent and amazing, but very short and decisive debate, concerning the false madhhab of ta'weel. [29-Dec-01 : 01:19 PM]

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