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Sharh Aqidatul-Wasitiyyah of al-Fawzan   (22 Articles)
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 22 : Affirmation of Pleasure, Anger, Hatred as Attributes for Allaah
Explanation of the verses that indicate the affirmation of the Attributes of pleasure, anger, hatred, punishment, cursing, and others, for Allaah, the Most High, in the manner that befits His Majesty. [25-May-03 : 03:03 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 21 : Affirmation of the Attributes of Rahmah (Mercy) and Maghfirah (Forgiveness) for Allaah
Explanation of a selection of the texts from the Quraan that indicate affirmation of the two attributes of rahmah and maghfirah for Allaah, the Most High and explaining the difference between the names ar-Rahmaan and ar-Raheem. [22-May-03 : 12:00 AM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 20 : Affirmation of al-Mahabbah and al-Mawaddah (Love) for Allaah
Looking at the verses that contain an affirmation of the attribute of love (mahabbah, mawaddah) for Allaah, and explanation of those whom Allaah loves and the actions and qualities that He loves. [18-May-03 : 12:00 AM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 19 : Affirmation of the Iraadah and Mashee'ah for Allaah
Affirming Allaah's Mashee'ah and Iraadah, by way of the textual evidences, and explaining the obligation to believe in the two types of Iraadah, and differentiating between them both to avoid the innovations of the Jabariyyah and Qadariyyah. [12-May-03 : 12:00 AM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 18 : The Attributes of Hearing and Seeing
Affirmation of the two attributes of hearing and seeing for Allaah, and indication that Allaah combines between negation and affirmation when He describes or names Himself, this being the correct way and being a refutation of the opposers. [11-May-03 : 12:00 AM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 17 : The Attributes of Ilm and Qudrah and Quwwah, and the Names ar-Razzaaq, al-Mateen
Affirmation of the perfect and all-encompassing attribute of knowledge for Allaah, the Most High and the affirmation some additional Names and respective Attributes. [03-May-03 : 10:57 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 16 : Allaah’s Everlasting Life, and the Names al-Hakeem and al-Khabeer
Explanation of Allaah's perfect and everlasting life, as well as the affirmation and explanation of two of Allaah's Beatiful Names, al-Hakeem and al-Khabeer [02-Feb-02 : 12:00 AM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 15 : Allaah's Transcendence and Nearness And His Eternity, Without Beginning Or End
Looking at the four names established for Allaah, al-Awwal (the First), al-Aakhir (the Last), adh-Dhaahir (the Most High), al-Baatin (the Most Near), with the tafseer of these names from Ibn Qayyim. [02-Feb-02 : 06:19 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 14 : Aayat ul-Kursi (The Verse of the Footstool)
The combination of affirmation and denial for the Attributes of Allaah illustrated in Aayat ul-Kursi. [07-Aug-99 : 08:32 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 13 : Surah Ikhlaas
The combination of affirmation and denial (for the Attributes of Allaah) illustrated in Surah Ikhlaas. [07-Aug-99 : 08:28 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 12 : The Straight Path of the Prophets, Truthful, Martyrs and Righteous
A look at the way of those upon whom Allaah has bestowed His favour. [07-Aug-99 : 08:22 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 11 : How Allaah Describes Himself
Allaah's way in describing himself by means of affirmation and negation, and Ahl us-Sunnah's position being based upon it. [07-Aug-99 : 08:19 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 10 : Allaah is Free of Defects and the Statements of the Messengers are Devoid of Error
Allaah is free of all imperfections and following from this, the Messengers He has sent are also free of error and decificiency in what they narrate and inform about him. [07-Aug-99 : 08:15 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 9 : The Messengers are Those in Whose Information Trust Can be Placed
Knowledge of Allaah comes through the Messengers and hence they must be dependable and trustworthy. Thus, there is no decifiency or shortcoming in what they narrate about Allaah. [06-Aug-99 : 08:23 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 8: Allaah Has No Equal or Rival
There is no equal nor rival to Allaah and there is none that is more knowledgeable of Allaah than Himself. [06-Aug-99 : 08:18 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 7 : Ilhaad and the Negation of Takyif, Tamthil
A discussion of Ilhaad (Deviation) in Allaah's Names and Attributes and the negation of Takyif and Tamthil [06-Aug-99 : 08:14 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 6 : Understanding The Names and Attributes of Allaah
The balanced way of the Salaf concerning the Attributes and which is based upon the saying of Allaah in Surah Shooraa (42):11 [06-Aug-99 : 08:10 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 5 : How to Believe in the Names & Attributes of Allaah
A look at the way of the Salaf in believing in the Names and Attributes of Allaah. [06-Aug-99 : 08:06 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 4 : The Pillars of Imaan
A brief overview of the pillars of Imaan (faith). [06-Aug-99 : 07:39 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 3 : The Firqat un-Najiyah and Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah
On the meaning of the Firqat un-Najiyah (The Saved Sect) and Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah. [06-Aug-99 : 07:36 PM]
[ ] Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 2 : The Religion of Truth and Guidance & the Two Testimonies
Concerning the true religion and guidance, the two testimonies and sending salaat upon the Messenger. [06-Aug-99 : 07:31 PM]
Creed of Wasitiyyah : Part 1 : The Basmalah
A brief explanation of the Basmalah, its meaning, usage and implications [06-Aug-99 : 07:25 PM]

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