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Where is Allaah?   (5 Articles)
Statements of the Salaf on Where is Allaah (Part 2)
More statements compiled by al-Laalikaa'ee in his monumental and encyclopaedic work. [19-Jun-98 : 03:01 PM]
Where is Allaah?
An excellent booklet that brings proof from the Quran, the Sunnah, the Companions, the Four Imams, the Tabi'een and those after them. Also discusses some of the dubious arguments often used by the People of Innovation [12-Jun-98 : 01:38 PM]
Al-Qurtubee, adh-Dhahabee and al-Albaanee on al-Istiwaa and al'Uluww
Al-Qurtubee's position made clear on this issue. In the view of al-Qurtubee 'jihah' (direction) was affirmed by the Salaf for Allaah, Most High and was denied only by the Ahl ul-Kalaam [12-Jun-98 : 01:17 PM]
Ibn Abdul Barr on the Meaning of Istiwaa
Ibn Abdul Barr explains the meaning of Istiwaa and refutes some allegations concerning its meaning. [12-Jun-98 : 01:13 PM]
Statements of the Salaf on Where is Allaah (Part 1)
Decisive statements from the Imaams of the Salaf in explanation of this fundamental aspect of belief. A clear and decisive refutation of the Ash`arees and Mu`tazilah of today. From Imaam Bukhaaree's 'Khalq Af'aal ul-'Ibaad [12-Jun-98 : 01:08 PM]

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