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Shaykh Rabee's Golden Advice To The Salafi Youth
Shaykh Falaah Isma'eel

In Arabic & English
An excellent 2 CD advice from Allaamah Rabee' bin Haadee, explained by the noble Shaykh Falaah Ismaa'eel of Kuwait. A lecture containing beautiful admonition and guidance for our communities in the West. The Shaykh discusses the issues of hajr (abandonment), leneincy in giving da'wah and uniting the ranks of the Salafis. Truly a golden piece of advice. The full digital quality 2 CD set is available from Salafi Publications - Free delivery to the UK and USA. Tel. 0121-773-0033 or 0121-773-0003. Overseas tel. +44-121-773-0003. CD Code: S32.005CD

Lecture Date: [29-Aug-04]
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