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Welcome! On this website, you will be able to keep up to date on whatever is available of the Shaykh's materials in English on the well known Salafee web sites. This website physically retrieves and displays updates from each of the abovementioned sites in real time, as you click on the relevant page. To view translated articles contributed by each of these sites click on the buttons above.


The Names and Attributes of Allaah
Excellent introductory article outlining the position of the Salaf

Imaam Ibn Baaz on Imaan, Kufr, Irjaa, Takfir and the Murji'ah
Questions and answer related to the issues of Imaan, takfir, the place of actions in Imaan, the requirements of correct Islaam, the things that expel from Islaam and related issues.


Inviting Towards Allaah and the Qualities the Caller
A very nice book on the subject of calling to Allaah. Discusses the virtues of calling to Allaah and the methods and modes one can employ whilst calling to Allaah.


Shaikh Bin Baz on entering Islamic Groups and Parties
The forbiddence of entering into groups and parties and that there is only one way, that of the Salaf.

Imaam Ibn Baaz on the Bid'ah of al-Muwaazanah
Imaam Ibn Baaz speaks on what has become a Trojan Horse for the partisans, used to enter the methodologies of the Innovators into the ranks of Ahl us-Sunnah.

Imam Ibn Baz on the One Who Uses the Fatwa of Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim to Assert Generalised Takfir
Transcript of a meeting between Imaam Ibn Baz and some questioners in which the habit of Ahl ul-Bid`ah of using the ambiguous fatawa of the Ulama is discussed.

Imaam Ibn Baz on the Manhaj of Correcting the Rulers
Imaam Ibn Baaz answering the question as to whether open rejection on the pulpits is from the manhaj of the Salaf, as well as outlining the correct way to offer advice and correction.

Shaikh Ibn Baz and Shaikh Ibn Jibreen on Hijacking and Kidnapping
The verdicts of the two Shaikhs on hijacking planes and ships and kidnapping people in order to effect change.


Imaam Ibn Baaz's Advice on the Algerian Situation
Imaam Ibn Baaz clearing the lie against him that he advised the using of force in da'wah work and also the correct methodology in bringing about rectification in the land.

The Advice of Imaam Ibn Baaz to Usaamah Bin Ladin al-Khaarijee
The advice given by Imaam Ibn Baaz to the dissenting renegades, Bin Ladin's takfir of the scholars, and his adoption of the path of the Khawaarij. Also includes the advice of Wahb Ibn Munabbih to a Kharijite figurehead of old.


Shaikh Ibn Baz on Sayyid Qutb
The Shaikh explains the error in Qutb's words, that he will write in refutation of it, and that mockery of the Prophets is apostasy on its own.

The Speech of the Scholars Upon Safar and Salmaan: Part 1 - Shaykhs Ibn Baaz, al-Albaani and Ibn Uthaymeen
A compilation of the sayings of the Scholars of the Salafee Manhaj upon the Khawaarij of the Era. Containing the statements of Shaykh Ibn Baz, Shaykh al-Albaanee and Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen.

Al-Hawali, Al-Awdah and al-Qahtanee Lying Upon Imaam Ibn Baaz
Amongst the many well known lies of the Qutubiyyah against Imaam Ibn Baz (and others) is their lie upon him concerning his general advice to the Du'aat.

Refuting Shayijee : Shayijee's Forgery Against Shaikh Bin Baaz
Shayijee misinterprets some advice given by Shaikh Bin Baaz (rh) which was general to all du'aat and applies it specifically to those for whom he has intense hatred.


The Status of Women in Islaam
The Shaikh outlines briefly the great responsibility, and hence the status of the woman in Islam

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