Kitaab Sharh us-Sunnah
by Al-Barbahaaree
Trans. Abu Talhah Dawud Burbank

10: Islam is Complete and Requires Only Submission

May Allah have mercy upon you! Know that a servant's Islaam is not complete until he follows, attests to and submits to (the truth). So anyone who claims that there remains anything from Islaam not sufficiently explained by the Companions of Allaah's Messenger, has falsely accused them, has split from them and spoken ill of them. He is an innovator, astray and leading others astray, introducing into Islaam that which is not from it.[1]


1. Ibn Mas'ood, radiallaahu 'anhu, described the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah (saws) saying, "Allaah looked into the hearts of the servants and found the heart of Muhammad (saws) to be the best of hearts, so He chose him for Himself and sent with him His Revelation, then He looked into the hearts of the servants after the heart of Muhammad (saws) and found the hearts of his Companions to be the best of the hearts of the servants, so He made them the helpers of His Prophet, fighting for His Religion. So that which the Muslims hold to be good is good with Allaah and that which they hold to be bad is bad with Allaah." Reported in the Musnad of Imaam Ahmad(1/379) and declared hasan by Shaikh al-Albaanee in ad-Da'eefah(2/17).

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